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Simple Import from Etsy to thirtybees



Hi all, my first blog post on thirtybees. I came across thirtybees 2019 December and I was immediately impressed by the project and the community spirit. I am currently building a site for my Mrs who has always been in art and crafts. As I post this I am working on our thirtybees shop and almost ready to go-live :). So, why this post? We have been trading on Etsy for a while now and finally we are getting serous about out online presence. In the process we were looking for a solution to build our own online shop in addition to Etsy. The research left me exhausted as I was reading though all big name shopping carts and features available. I finally decided to use thirtybees as thirtybees focus is to purely support small business.

In the process of migrating our product from Etsy to thirtybees I utilised Microsoft Excel to automate bulk of the import steps and rest was manual. I created a very simple template that maps Etsy out with thirtybees inputs. Please feel free to recommend additional modification if you deem fits :).

How was this Template constructed
1) First I looked at what parameters Etsy was exporting to baseline the mapping. Etsy lets you export 23 columns.
2) Real question is how many of them can them mapped to thirtybees input product file. thirtybees lets you import 55 column items to each product field. There is only six column that can be mapped between Etsy and thirtybees. Good news is that still reduces your time to add all items.
3) There are few columns you still need to manually populate and some leave blank

1) Etsy lets you enter a HUGE title, this drives a behaviour for shop owners to keyword stuff product titles which works fine in Etsy echo system but not at all outside of Etsy. thirtybees product tile can be 128 character long, this template will trim anything more than 128 character
2) Thirtybees Short description has 300 character limit. Etsy does not have a Short Description field, it only has Description field. In this Template it only take first 300 character and trim the rest in Short description from Etsy Description section. Short description or Description fields are not mandatory in thirtybees, so you may choose to leave short description empty all together. Please remove the code accordingly.

I hope you find this useful. Thank you for reading :).


1) Ensure you are logged to your Etsy account
2) Go to: https://www.etsy.com/au/your/shops/YOURSTORENAME/download
3) Download CSV
4) Copy and paste to Esty tab (A2, you don't need to paste column titles) in this excel file
5) Open products_import.csv
6) Copy B3 to BC* (*= as many as product you can see)
Note: A3 is avoided as it is import
7) Paste Values in products_import.csv on B2, then save and close
8 ) Log on to thirtybees admin panel
9 ) Go to Advanced Parameters > CSV Import
10) Select Product in What do you want to import? section
11) Upload the just saved products_import.csv in Step 7 and wait for the upload to complete.

Etsy_2_thirtybees-Import.xlsx products_import.csv

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Apologies, there is a typo in the title and I can't seem to edit my blog post 😫. All Fixed up :).

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