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  1. @Traumflug Thank you for your reply, anyway i found out a solution now. Please mark it as solved 🙂
  2. Thank you both for your answer, @wartin i tried it but it doesn't have any effect, but what i dont understand is why the frontend changed to look complty messed up: www.unicadesign.dk @Traumflug I wanted to change the main domain name from unicae-design.dk to unicadesign.dk so that the old url would redirect to the new url, for that i had to go through all as i understood it.
  3. @Wartin Thank you very much, i tried up to nr. 4, but now i cant access the backend of the older domian, as it refuse to accept my password, and when i click on send by email nothing happens Also when i when i type in the old domain url it redirects to the new domain, but looks very messy: www.unicae-design.dk (old domain) -> www.unicadesign.dk (new domain url) and another strange things is that when i change the shop url via SQL on the database it automatically changes on the other SQL database, i have checked settings.inc.php for both and they are correct, meaning that they are not pointing on the same SQL database but different ones
  4. @Wartin Thank you for your reply, let me try to explain: I have a webshop with the domain www.unicae-design.dk that is hosted on simply.com, then i decided to change the domain to one that is easier therefor i bought another domain, without any hosting: www.unicadesign.dk (I only bought the domian name/adress/Url). Now to change the old domain for the shop to the new i had to buy another webspace/hosting on the same host, so when i did that i then copied all the files from the old domain map to the new domain map, so i know have 2 website hosted on there own seperat webspace, so now when i change the domain name in SEO 6 URL under preference from the backoffice in the old domain, the domian also changes on the new one, so when i try type the new url it then redirects me to the old domain. I know it is a bit unclear, but hopefully you understand me
  5. Does anybody know a solution?
  6. Hi, I have two url one wich is www.unicae-design.dk which is the original one and the second www.unicadesign.dk, both are hosted on there own webhotels, but when i change the URL in the SEO & URL section the shop url for both of them changes to one, how can i split these so there is no connection between these two? Thank you
  7. Hi it is working now, i dont know how, but i think it could be becouse of some module, Anyway @toplakd tank you very much for you help effort. Can you please mark it as solved.
  8. @toplakd How do i download it, as I cant see any download option
  9. @toplakd, Thank you for your reply, I did download the consistency module, and did apply all database schema fixes, but it still doesn't work, in chrome it just says error 500
  10. Isn't there any who know the solution?
  11. Hi all, When i am trying to access the CMS menu from my backoffice, the whole website goes white, nothing shows up, when i click refresh nothing happens, all the other menus does work, but not the CMS. I toggled on the bug-finding but that to doesn't give any information. I hope you can help me. Thx-
  12. Dear @lesley, @Traumflug and all other who has participated in making TB, we really appreciate your great work, and thank you for all you effort to make this project great. I am personally very happy with TB, and who ever would ask me about where they should build there webshop, i would always recommend them to use TB. So i hope none of you see this post as critic or any negative post. The reason why i think it is important that there are some news, updates, every 2-3 months is that - TB is still in it is starting phase, and if there isn't any updates people will get some negative thoughts. - I am very sure that a lot of module developer and companies who develop web shops does visit TB now and then, and if they don't see any updates they may not focus on TB. So if you just some time post a post in the announcement section every 2-3 months it would be sufficient, and it is not important that there should be new features etc. just something like how many members we are, just so we and those who intend to make modules for TB know that something is going on. Thank you again.
  13. I use panda, with the TB bleeding edge and it works superb! you can check our website to get a idea: www.unicae-shop.dk
  14. @Traumflug Thank you very much, know i am more relaxed :), would have been nice if is a made a blog with describe shortly whats is going on so people like me are updated :), it will also show that the work is still going on. But anyways thank you for replay, and for your hardworking.
  15. unica e-shop

    Out Of Stock

    @AndyC I can still not see it as 1-2 weeks, it shows correct when i use the link.
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