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  1. gelnn

    Check out address

    I plain on just selling virtual products. I would like to remove the address part of the check out. I think this will only turn people away. I know I would think, why is this person asking for my address when I just download the product. Thanks Glenn
  2. gelnn

    menu under logo

    The menu is showing under the logo, I don't see how I change this. I would appreciate any help. You can see what I mean on my test page at, https://koolgps.com/store/ Thanks Glenn
  3. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    I used the subdomain but I di not change the folder. What folder should I change?
  4. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    I tried sub domain no luck. I have a Hostgator vps.
  5. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    Here is a screenshot
  6. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    I think I found my problem, when I add a store in multistore it makes it a main URL. I know I can only have 1 main URL, but it wont let me change it or add it so it is not the main URL.
  7. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    I am using virtual directories
  8. gelnn

    Multistore 404

    Hi all I have been trying TB, I was using PS 1.7 long story short that's why I am here. I never used PS 1.6. When I add a shop to multistore I get a 404 just for the second store not my main store. I did this with PS and worked at first but to many bugs, So I don't think I am doing it wrong. I have my Performance set to force compilation, cache set to no. I tried with friendly url's no and off I checked the debug mode and no errors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Glenn
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