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  1. Hi This is great news, I will update my test shop and let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the help so far.
  2. I use the module for google shopping feed and some other PPC sites. If i choose to ignore the notice how do I get the module to work in thirty bees? I've been using the module on my live prestashop site for the last few years but decided to change to thirty bees so I've made a clone of my prestashop and migrated to thirtybees for testing but the module stopped working. When trying to create an XML it shows "You have not selected any feeds or services, XML files cannot be created.
  3. I'm not so clued up with the server side of running a website but as far as I know my host will not be upgrading php. Is there a way to get pass this problem or is it better to stay with prestashop until I can buy a new module that will work on thirtybees?
  4. Hi I have attached the version 1251 I was using on my prestashop site with PHP version 5.6.40. Hope this will help. prestacenterxmlexportfree1251.zip
  5. Hi Billy I have reinstall the module with debug enabled. When I tried to save my new XML feed I received the below error. Notice: unserialize(): Error at offset 5 of 295 bytes in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/modules/prestacenterxmlexportfree/controllers/admin/PcXmlFreeController.php on line 116Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/modules/prestacenterxmlexportfree/controllers/admin/PcXmlFreeController.php:116) in /home/XXXXXXX/public_html/classes/Tools.php on line 313
  6. Hi Billy Thank you for the reply. I have attached the version 1251 I was using on my prestashop site with PHP version 5.6.40. Hope this will help. The feed is still working on my prestashop site but not on the duplicate test site I have migrated to thirtybees. When I click on Create XML I receive the following message You have not selected any feeds or services, XML files cannot be created. prestacenterxmlexportfree1251.zip
  7. I have migrated my Prestashop to Thirtybees and my "PrestaCenter XML Export Free Module v1.2.5.1" Stopped working. Is there a way to fix this?
  8. Thanks, Just asked my host to enable and they did.
  9. Hi Guys I'm trying to update my prestashop to Thirtybees but get the below fail warning in the pre-upgrade checklist. thirty bees test suite passingTest 'Fopen': fail What does this mean and how can i fix this?
  10. I'm only importing ID, Stock QTY and Price with "Skip thumbnails regeneration" Enabled. I'm not uploading new product, just updating prices and stock. Updating 10+ products is not an option as I need to update 25000 products daily. The csv file i'm using uploaded without any errors on my other website so this must be a server or website problem. I have also tried different hosting and PHP settings as per above post.
  11. I did activate debug mode but there are no log files available under the logs directory.
  12. Good day all Please advise on how to trace what is causing the below error on my site when uploading csv? Csv import gives “Errors occurred: error” when trying to upload using ID, Stock QTY and Price. Sometimes I will receive the error at 3% uploaded then when I try again with the same csv I will get the error at 15% or 85%. The csv uploads correctly on my other site so there is nothing wrong with the file. I’m using the below PHP settings and also tried higher settings. max_execution_time=6000 max_file_uploads=50 max_input_time=10000 max_input_vars =10000 memory_limit=1G output_buffering=4096 post_max_size=256M session.gc_maxlifetime=1440 upload_max_filesize=128M I'm using thirtybees 1.0.8 I have also tried importing with below changes. Template compilation set to: Never recompile template files Disabled all non thirtybees modules and overrides Set all of the below settings to NO Smart cache for CSS Smart cache for JavaScript Compress inline JavaScript in HTML Move JavaScript to the end Apache optimization Keep JS and CSS files
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