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  1. Thank you very much! It solved my problem with flickering. Could you give master advice in another request with image sizes, please?
  2. Hello! I need to show image of a product in a full size (900 px height), without reducing to the screen. On Presta 1.6 I used this code for fancybox in js\product.js 'beforeLoad' : function(){if($(window).width()>1500)this.fitToView=false;return true;}, But in Thirtybees this code does not work. Fancybox is showing small, the image reduced in size, looks blurry. Can you give me advice, how to show product image in a fullsize?
  3. Hello guys! I want to change yellow color in default theme to white color. Where can I do this?
  4. Hello, toplakd! I did what you said: body { width: 100vw; margin: 0; } Now cite does not shake, but it flickering in Chrome 😞 You can switch top menu buttons - it flickering: http://dmitrysenik.ru/thbees/en/anthropomorphism
  5. Hello guys! I found a problem using Google Chrome on ThirtyBeese. When you switching top menu on a home page, site is shaking from left to right. The same problem not only on my site, but also on https://store.thirtybees.com/, while switching between "themes" and "services". Cite is shaking on Chrome. I think, it may be because of scroll on the page: it hides and reappears, shifting the page to the left. How can I fix it? For example, IE show scroll enabled all the time, and there is no shake.
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