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  1. I have not updated thirtybees at all since installing it, but I did install it on this particular domain relatively recently. Maybe a month ago.
  2. I am using the warehouse theme and up until recently things were going okay. The unique homepage generator stopped letting me save configurations recently. I would get a 500 error whenever I tried and then yesterday my homepage went empty altogether. I contacted support for the theme, and he thinks that part of the warehouse theme has become incompatible due to a recent update. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Miranda

    Payment modules

    I can't seem to get Paypal or Stripe to work properly. Papal is only showing on the first page of the checkout process, not under payment methods, and Stripe isn't showing up at all. What could be causing this? I use the warehouse theme, and did contact support for that in case it was related, but they are taking much longer than usual to reply.
  4. I unhooked a bunch of modules I thought were unnecessary from the header hook(attempting to fix some other issues) and now my homepage is quite jumbled. The footer is even impacted, but is completely fine on all other pages of the site. I am using the warehouse theme. What do I need to hook back into the header to fix this?
  5. Miranda

    Editing the theme

    Alright, I bought the warehouse theme(because I couldn't figure out how to upload an edited theme before and nobody I asked would directly answer my question.), and it's fine, but there is still so much I want to change/fix that I can't do within modules. People always say edit it in your theme files, and I would like to know how to do this. Whenever I edit theme files and try to re-upload the theme, it tells me that the configuration file is flawed or missing. Is there a way to edit the theme within thirtybees without re-uploading, and if not, how do I fix this error? Thanks so much!
  6. Miranda

    Editing Theme

    I have a few questions about changing things in my shops theme. I don't know too much about coding, particularly outside of the very basic html/css stuff, so they're probably mostly easy fixes which I'm just unaware of. Any pointers are much appreciated! 1st: When I try to add my edited theme it says I need to use a different title. Which file needs to be changed for that? 2nd: Where can I edit the grey backgrounds out for various items (nav bar, footer, CMS page header, sidebar item headers, etc.)? 3rd: Can I remove the CMS page headers completely? 4th: Where can I edit the page that shows when maintenance mode is on? 5th: Is there a way to change it so that everywhere it refers to 'manufacturers' it will say 'brands' instead? Thanks! Edit: -Now that I have the title issue fixed, when uploading my theme it says I have a bad or missing configuration file. The only edit I made to the config files was to change the themes title, so I'm unsure a to what this could be? -When I try to modify translations, it brings me to an essentially blank page, and, again, I don't know what I could be doing wrong here.
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