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  1. Yea I'd spent a few weeks trawling the forums and stuff before posting here. The issue turned out to be the PHP-FPM which the hosting company have resolved 🙂
  2. Hi there, thanks for the reply. I think the blank screens when saving was a PHP limit issue but i can't be sure, it all seemed to happen within 24 hours so we upped the limit just in case. It's probably my wording that's confusing you, when I say error I mean not working as it should, there are no errors on the server logs. We've only installed 3 additional modules on this very small website (only has 5 products) and after disabling all three it's still looping. Odd that it seems fine on the work PC and no-where else though? We've one restore point to try at the moment but failing that i think the only way forward is staring again. Not the end of the world but just a bit frustrating 🙂
  3. Hi Guys, I'm slowly running out of hair to pull so thought I'd ask on here as you guys have been great for help in the past. I'm building a new website and switching it over from the very cumbersome Expression engine site built by an old friend. Another friend and I who hosts my sites created a /new folder in the public html and installed thirtybees. I'm using a theme called Niara and have installed a few prestashop modules bought from the prestashop modules website and they have tweaked them slightly to run on TB. After testing all the scenarios I was finally ready to move it over which is when I started getting the problems. So, I seem to have what seems to be the old "Prestashop admin login loop" and I've spent the best part of a week trying to identify what the exact problem is. I've tried lots of suggestions already like, different browser, clearing cookies, clearing the cache including smarty via FTP, re-loading the htaccess file, Resetting file permissions (directories 755 files 644 and htaccess 666) but I'm still having problems and so is my friend. Now, here's the twist, I can log in on my work computer? but not on my laptop next to it with the same IP? WHAT WE YOU DOING AT THE TIME. Well everything was going fine and i started to get a blank white screen when saving anything in the BO. I could return to the site by clicking on my browser tab but everytime i saved something, white page. this went on for a day or so and then all of a sudden I noticed the favicon dissappear and the login loop started. The last thing i remember doing was changing the URL of my browser link to https instead of http as it's SSL enabled. WHAT ERROR ARE YOU GETTING Caught redirection to index.php?controller=AdminLogin&token=182ebc5253af6125f755d5291df9b16dI click on the link which beings up the login page, Login and it goes straight back to this error. Has anyone got any suggestions or pointers as I'm at a loss of what to do. I have FTP access at home, and can log in to the BO at work and happy to poke around to answer questions. Thanks in advance!
  4. wonder if it's a problem with the contact form when set to SMTP? works on PHP though, could that be a thing?
  5. ah okay, so nothing to do with the problems I'm having, I always reply with outlook anyway 🙂
  6. Ah, no, deffo not there, only messages there are ones the customer has added when they've ordered 🙂 I can see the email in Advanced perimeters > Email though
  7. Okay, so i replied via email, Doh! How do i reply using the back office, i see the email but no reply button?
  8. Thats what i get when using the test email, and no, because i get the error the person can't submit the question in the first place 🙂
  9. Forgot to say, Our sender score has gone up to 74 now so getting loads better 🙂
  10. Hey Brent, I've been meaning to update this so thanks for the bump 🙂 So, I managed to stem the flow of spam on all the sites so that's a good thing. Server IP is 100% unblocked from Microsoft and not showing up on any of the banned lists on the links on this thread so that's great news! BUT, for some reason it still doesn't work on SMTP and throws an error on the contact us page, But, works just fine on PHP? My friend is on holiday for a bit so not had chance to request an IP change with the host or run Ian's script unfortunately. While I'm here though can I just thank yourself and Ian for all your work and help with this, I really do appreciate it 🙂
  11. Hi Ian, I've found out the reason why the server was blacklisted in the first place so I thought I'd try and stem that flow first, then if it gets listed again after I'll only have to change it once 🙂 I have two older sites on the same server that seem to be trying to resend emails so we've commented out registrations and contact us, it's sites I will be redoing on TB and just havn't got round to it. Looks like i stopped receiving bounced emails into spam about the right time, then I've now started getting them again (after the server was unlisted) just had a few bounced emails this morning but they are on the list, only a few more it will re-try and hopefully they'll now dry up 🙂
  12. Hi Brent, We've added the above and it's not made any difference 😞 Switched back to PHP and it works fine still?
  13. HI Ian, error is still coming up the same 😞
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