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  1. Hi Traumflug, I uninstalled and installed the software with http:// instead of https://, it works.. I got a doubt whether SSL i have. Previously I need to purchase, but currently by default bigrock provides it I think.
  2. Thanks for the reply dynambee. Actually when I worked with NON SSL it works. when I use SSL or TLS it doesnt works. For email generation both do not work. I configured email as per the instruction given in my hosting cpanel. But email is important for me .. because client many times feel comfortable when they receive emails in ecommerce. We can't expect them to login into the system again and again to see status and all .
  3. I have used SMTP (Unsecured without SSL) and contact us page send message which I could see it in application. But Test email fails throws error. Secured also tried but didn't work. Installed one week back. Email alert module I could see and configured it. But nothing works..
  4. the log says, what to do ? [07-Jun-2019 03:03:21 Etc/GMT] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '13017' (T_LNUMBER) in /home/doabaut9/public_html/millets/millets/config/settings.inc.php on line 18
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