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  1. I am looking for a person interesting to be able to set up my stroe, I don now anything about this, and I need help of someone, If someone can recomend me a person let me know. I will apreciate your support and I can pay him for that.
  2. Hi all. I have a problem with a new product, When I try to make click on the label of my product is added a # until end the URL. Example : https://www.toolssaver.com/mx/herramientas/herramientas-manuales/martillo When the # is added then the product status change to inexisten product. Example : https://www.toolssaver.com/mx/herramientas/herramientas-manuales/martillo# Regards all.
  3. Hi Rubben good afternoon. Thank you for the information that you did provide me. I made the actualization through Thirty bees updater to the version v1.5.0 and this did gets resolbe my problems. Im feels very good with this, for Now. So thank you. An have a good weekend.
  4. Hi Rubben. Yes is a new installation, I made the installation in Automatic by mean A2 Hosting. The version I am using is the TB 1.0.8. I have thought unistall my aplication and install TB again . May be this gets the solution to the problem. ¿don not I know? could you recomend me something? Regards!
  5. Hi. To be honest I don not how to know if is a javascript error, I have to do a upgrade of Java? or edit some script inside of thirty bees? I dont know about this topic. Thanks for your response.
  6. After to create a new product I can not setup all the features of it, (shipping, quantyties, images, features, perzonalitatioon). Whe I make click on each one of this labels always it gets send me back to the information label. Im new user in TB and this is my first online store. I hope find the right information. Rgards!
  7. Hola Ruben. Efectivamente. Me estoy quebrando la cabeza, he visto videos de prestashop 1.6 y es muy similar pero algunas cosas no me funcionan para thirty bees, no se a que se deba. No encuentro información amigable. Saludos
  8. Hola no se nada de TB y quiero saber como puedo modificar todas las imagenes, textos, menus, columnas de la interfaz de mi tienda. Ya que las que tiene estan por defecto. Hay algun curso o manual para esto? Gracias.
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