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  1. Hello I have thirtybees migrated to Prestashop 1.6 I notice that all items you click on have the credit card logos missing. (see image below) What module do I use to add the image? Thank You in advance
  2. I'm currently using Thirty bees 1. 0. 8 for payment or my sight I use PayPal. I have the prestashop PayPal USA / Canada module version 1. 3. 9 Before migrating to 30 bees from prestashop I still had the same problem that continues after migrating to 30 bees. The problem is some customers place an order on the website and their redirected back to the website with a confirmation and the order is placed in order status. Other customers Place their order pay for it don't get redirected and their order is still in their shopping carts so I have to manually go in and accept the order/create the order. After reading both Thirty bees forums and prestashop forms I see this is a very common problem. Are there any successful fixes for this? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you, I did the TB updater first. Then updated the rest of the modules individually. Everything said update complete. However all the slider bar images disappeared and so did the images to the right of the slider bar. But that seems to happen every time I update those two particular modules. I simply go in and upload the images again and everything is fine. Thank you for your help all worked well
  4. I had Prestashop and the thing was very buggy. A friend migrated the system to Thirty bees 1.0.8 the site has ran great ever since the migration. I hate to mess with anything as it's been running so perfect for over 2mths now. Last time I updated Prestashop tons of things stop working. Nevertheless, I clicked on modules it says I have modules that need updated (see attached image) Once more the last time I clicked on update all with Prestashop my site went crazy with non working images, payment, things not showing up etc. so forgive me for being hesitated to do anything First off I'm very new to all this and very unfamiliar with about everything. My question is do I use "Update All" button? or update one at a time? Also I don't know what 3/4 of the moduels are or do. Any help would be appreciated Thank you in advance for your kind assistance Regards Dennis
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