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  1. Yes, and other people have visited for me too.
  2. I've updated to the 1.1.x version and I've noticed my activity overview in dashboard isn't working. Apparently getting no visitors, no shopping baskets, notihng. Even when I load it up on a separate computer with a different i.p and lgoin to the backebd on my main pc it isn't showing any active visitors... Anything I can check to fix?
  3. Thank you. Updated to bleeding edge 1.1.x and sorted.
  4. 1.1.0 Tried the translation but its not in there.
  5. How do I change the text in the "featured" module of the front office? I want to alter the text that says "The best selection for top prices." Thanks in advance,
  6. Hi again everyone, Is there a way to increase the width of the page? Or how can I make it so all my categories fit on one line in the top menu? I've got one too many and its making it go onto a second line.
  7. The only place I didn't look! Thank you so much! All fixed!
  8. My cart stopped working during testing so I reset the module, which has fixed the issue but now the basket "my cart" icon is sitting under the blocktopmenu instead of up in the top right corner where it was. I'm using the default theme...how do I fix this? Thanks!
  9. Chris1d

    Price tax exc

    Hi, my issues is I don't charge tax. Yet. So I don't need the tax included or excluded next to each price on the product pages.
  10. Chris1d

    Price tax exc

    Hi everyone, Trying to setup my thirtybees site but I can't work out how to remove the tax exc after the price of an item. I've removed all taxes from the country and disabled everything but it still comes up tax exc on the product page next to the price. Can anyone help please? Chris
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