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  1. Chris1d

    Checkout broken

    I've disabled the Advanced EU Compliance module and thats fixed it.
  2. Chris1d

    Checkout broken

    I use the core updater weekly and update it. It still isn't working.
  3. Chris1d

    Checkout broken

    I’m using bleeding edge.
  4. Chris1d

    Checkout broken

    Slightly annoying that this hasn’t been fixed automatically with updates..pretty important parts of the site for customers to actually be able to purchase.
  5. Chris1d

    Checkout broken

    Hi everyone, another day, another issue. Issue is, go to checkout, select everything, shipping etc. Get to the payment page, payment option (stripe), address details, drop down box offers “my address” with 2 little grey boxes underneath that I assume should have something in them. Then under that I have terms and conditions header, followed by a box that says I agree to terms and conditions etc. I assume there should be a tick box or something? There isn’t however if you click the text it lets you proceed but it isn’t obvious. screenshot attached but this seems broken. Tried resetting the block cart module but nothing changed.
  6. Yes I've also tried that I believe.
  7. I'm having real trouble with my backoffice not showing the correct stats. I'm getting lots of visitors to the site, but on the dashboard section "Most viewed" I only get 1 view per product. I know more than 1 person has looked at it (had people test it) but the dashboard still just shows one view the entire time period (month) Any suggestions?
  8. Fixed, reset all the statistics modules!
  9. Yes, this is enabled and all set to YES.
  10. As you can see from the attached, no visitors online, no visits...I'm online on the store, no maintenance IPs set up so it should register me as a visitor..
  11. Has anyone any suggestions? According to the dashboard I'm getting no traffic to the site...at all. But I have had friends go onto it so its definitely had visitors.
  12. Yes, and other people have visited for me too.
  13. I've updated to the 1.1.x version and I've noticed my activity overview in dashboard isn't working. Apparently getting no visitors, no shopping baskets, notihng. Even when I load it up on a separate computer with a different i.p and lgoin to the backebd on my main pc it isn't showing any active visitors... Anything I can check to fix?
  14. Thank you. Updated to bleeding edge 1.1.x and sorted.
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