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  1. bree1818

    Import question

    Thanks! That makes this SOOO much easier.
  2. bree1818

    Import question

    If I were to use the import to import descriptions and other data to existing products, would it add to those products, or replace?
  3. My sister has been testing my store for me before I send it out into the world. She purchased two different products (I sell only digital files), one showed up in the download e-mail but couldn't be downloaded because of a 'this file may be dangerous' error, and the second one didn't show up at all. Do only ZIP files show up in downloads? Can SVGs not be downloaded directly, or does it need to be put into a ZIP file?
  4. I tried it and it now doesn't load at all. The window doesn't even pop up.
  5. I have Standard and Express enabled. Yesterday it was giving me an error on the standard, but the express wouldn't even load. I did notice the sandbox and live versions and fixed that. I also clicked the go live in the module configuration, but it's still giving me an error in both Chrome and Edge.
  6. I'm trying to set up PayPal on my site, and when I'm in Sandbox, it goes to the login screen and tells me my credentials is wrong, but when I input the live API credentials, the PayPal screen pops up, stays blank for a few seconds and then closes again. I've been fiddling with this for hours and just getting frustrated, and very close to just removing TB at this point. Can someone help me with making it so that PayPal will work on my site, then redirect back to a download page? Also, is there a way to remove the address requirement to checkout? I sell digital files, and couldn't care less about their address.
  7. I'm probably the stupidest person alive when it comes to technical stuff like this, so I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about, but maybe my attachment is what you're talking about?
  8. I imported a CSV and it didn't give me any errors or anything, but it never did anything. I was trying to import products, but it's not actually adding any products. What am I doing wrong?
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