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  1. Thank you for the reply. I should have mentioned that I'd much rather enter county data, instead of zip code data, but that doesn't seem to be an option. In Florida, many counties charge a surtax, whereas, Florida's base sales tax is 6%. Is it legal to keep it simple, charge 6% statewide and balance it out later, and just eat the difference for the counties with a surtax? (fyi, Florida is a destination based / buyer based state).
  2. Is there a module that can handle it all, or is there an easy way to import? All I see is the ability to add 1 zip code at a time, or a zip code range... However, if I use zip code range, I will have overlap between counties. For instance (and not accurate zip codes) Palm Beach County may have zip codes: 33000 and 33009, but zip code 33005 is in Broward County. I need an easier way to do this, and I don't see a module available
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