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  1. Tried to check the overrides, nothing special there, 3 in total, all active modules. I don't see the connection to the error that the CompareVersion is missing, or is that variable set after the module checks are completed?
  2. Agreed, but I did not find any documentation or how-to anymore... From Presta I remember it was just to copy all new files but the config.inc.php
  3. not sure if i can give BO access... cleaning up the _modules table didn't help sofar..
  4. Unfortunately, the error appears before the compare completes, so I am pretty much in the dark...I can check the _module table though, see if I can find some orphans there.
  5. Hi, I am doing the upgrade on PHP 7.0, so i guess that is not an issue. Improperly uninstalled modules could be the case, but I wonder how I can find what module would cause the trouble, and how it can be corrected. And thanks for the help sofar 😉
  6. When I try to upgrade my 1.0.8 version to 1.1.0, the compare fails. The console tells me this http://myurl/myadmin/index.php?controller=AdminCoreUpdater&token=mytoken&action=processCompare&ajax=1 Request to failed with status 'rejected'. if i click on the link, it says compareVersion is missing as input (but it is selected) Any ideas??
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