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  1. Thanks, all Fixing the Administration > Preferences setting got it working. I'm not sure I understand the Plesk thing - is that some other PHP software? Anyway: all working now.
  2. I'm putting together a site that sells downloaded content. When adding files to the virtual product, I get the following error: The uploaded file exceeds the "Maximum size for a downloadable product" set in preferences (2MB) or the post_max_size/ directive in php.ini (2MB) I can't find this option in Preferences, nor can I find a file called php.ini. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
  3. Yes, I can upload images for products and categories, but how do I change the image for "I haven't loaded an image"? It was possible in PS 1.6.
  4. Is it possible to change the "No image available" image (and the 'camera' icon)? I can't seem to upload new images in Preferences > Images. I could just create new images for each file in /img, I suppose. Thanks.
  5. I want to offer PayPal as a payment option for every country. At the moment, it looks like I have to individually tick the box for every country in the world. 😫 Am I missing an easier way? Seems like an oversight not to include a "select all" box, though I think I remember having to do the same for Prestashop.
  6. I did have this problem, but it turns out I had created a "Sandbox app" in PayPal. Once I created a "live app", and put the ID and secret in, everything worked.
  7. Bingo. That's it. Changing the product to Virtual brings options for files. Many thanks.
  8. I want to sell downloads, so I want to make files available only after the payment has been processed: is there a way to do this? I can add an attachment to a product, but it's available before they pay! Thanks
  9. Bingo! Thanks. I'd suggest that in the future, the Live Edit should be able to add modules, as well as delete them!
  10. Thanks. Block Categories is at the top of the displayLeftColumn, but it's not displaying on the Home page. I tried transplanting Categories to Home, but Home isn't in the drop-down list. And I can't see how to remove 'index' from the Exceptions.
  11. Long-time Prestashop user, just started on 30bees. I want to add the category block to the Home page. I know it's something to do with hooks and modules, but I can't find the relevant bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, any easy way to change the colours and fonts of the theme? Thanks
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