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  1. No, I didn't.What should I check? Why not..do you have Skype/Discord or something like that?
  2. It looks like my TB installation can't show any subcategory picture. This is a subcategory (Main category > subcategory). It keeps showing this blank image...the problem is that TB looks for a picture that doesn't exist : /shop/img/c/6-0_thumb.jpg I tried creating a different subcategory (nested inside another main category), and it keeps using the same path as before : /shop/img/c/6-0_thumb.jpg This means that I can't manually create a thumbnail and put it into that directory, because my img would be used for two different subcategories!!
  3. Mail alerts module doesn't send email to merchant, but it works with customers. Email are sent with php mail() function. This is a problem because merchant is forced to check the BO in order to look for new orders. Has it anything to do with email template translations?
  4. I've been using this module and it works. Adwords tracking module
  5. I wasn't able to setup conversion tracking for my thirtybees website. I don't know if I'm writing the wrong codes or if it doesn't work anymore. The module asks for my google conversion tracking label and google conversion tracking id, although under the id input box you can read "Enter a valid email address". Could you help me setting up this module?Does it work for you? I really don't know what's wrong with it.
  6. The re-order feature surely allows my customers to repeat a certain purchase but it doesn't store custom fields values. Let's say I add 1 custom field to my product : my customer buys it and uses the custom field, but if he repeats the purchase using the re-order button I won't read any extra field in his order details. Is there any way we can fix this issue?It's not the same order without the custom field.
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