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  1. Hi Wakabayashi Thanks for repply. Can you tell me how to switch to Debugmode
  2. Hi I have the Coupon generator SeoSa Coupon Generator. and I get this when I serch for old unused coupons. And I cant cancel it. So every time I open the Modulke, this message appear Can anyone help Forkert SQL forespørgsel Column 'date_to' in where clause is ambiguous
  3. Hi I have blocked my self....... I use the Module Cart Protection Pro and the settings are "more tha 2 carts within 2 minutes" And just now I have made 2 carts and will make the third and then I am blocked. How can I release my IP adress, så I can use the shop again Regards from a fool
  4. Thank you, I will try the module from Mypresta
  5. Hi Every night 3-4 carts are generated but not finalized, i.e no customer registrated. All carts are made within 1 or 2 seconds, which made me think, that they are not real. is there anything I can do to stop it or find out what is happening Regards Ben
  6. We do have big problems when using mobile devices to access our TB shop. when using Ipad adding products to the Cart and tapping continue to payment, the payment screen says the cart is empty. and almost every time the ipad (and Iphone) Freeze and the screen does not react to anything. In general tapping a button (Cart, Log in i.e.) needs to be done several times before something happens. can anyone help
  7. Hi again just got the module Export orders, and it works perfect, thank you Haylau
  8. Hi I am about to launch my shop and need e list of the adresses of the orders. Csv, Excell or something that I work with to make my ruteplanning. I can't see something standard to do so, so I have tried the SQL manager (have some experience with SQL), but I cant find the tables containing the orders and adresses. can anyone help Kind regards Bent
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