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  1. Hi, Another forum where a person arrives with his problem, asks for help, finds the solution on his own, deletes his question and asks to delete his Topic. Yet, this person comes to the forum to find answers to his questions, but if everyone asked to delete his Topic, what would become of a forum? 😢
  2. 1.2.0 - 11/16/2019 New version without security problems.
  3. 3.2.0 - 08/29/2019 Add a custom HOOK to display logos where you want
  4. Hi, it's a question I've been asking myself for several months to try to understand why my messages never get an answer and especially how we withdraw our earnings from the sale of our modules on the store, knowing that I haven't found any link or explanation procedure.
  5. @piet said in Where is the module to migrate Prestashop to TB?: @daokakao Thanks, but this is not the one I was talking about. But when answering your comment I found it :) Hi, In the principle of using a forum, you tell us about your success in solving your problem but without explaining how. So please make the effort to communicate the complete solution. In your case by giving the location of this module since this is your starting question.
  6. Hi, What code are you trying to integrate to perform this tracking?
  7. This module will motivate your customers to finalize their purchases on your site by displaying a banner directly on the purchase with the economy achieved. Features * Display of savings on the shopping cart * Display total saved on all orders made in the customer order history * Savings displayed on each order detail placed by the customer Personalization The display can be fully customized for each banner display, whether on the shopping cart, order history or order detail. * Customizing the color * Customizing the message for each language * Customizing the icon accompanying the text, and its location Benefits for the trader With this module you will motivate your customers to order by showing them all the savings they can make by buying on your site. They will have no more excuses not to finalize their purchases. Benefits for customers By discovering the savings they are releasing on your site, they will be happy to reorder quickly and will be more motivated to talk about your site to their friends. Download it on my own shop or Download it on thirtybees store
  8. Hello, This module will add a calculation to solve on your contact form to secure against unwanted spam. This solution is the simplest and most effective because it does not use external means and does not require significant resources to validate the form, so the user experience is respected. Downlod module
  9. Hi, you can test if your ip or domain are blacklist https://mxtoolbox.com/blacklists.aspx
  10. Few years ago, after that they kill all olarks module on addons.
  11. i understand it's difficult with this company on this point.
  12. 1.5.0 - 17/04/2018 Reordering the code to fix a Chrome bug Fixed display on PrestaShop 1.5
  13. 1.1.0 - 16/04/2018 Reordering the code to fix a Chrome bug
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