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  1. Thanks for your answer! So maybe this is a custom function that would need to be designed... Thanks again
  2. Wow, didn't expect such a flood of answers! Let me specify: is it possible to set a visibility or availability of a product for a sale campaign like black Friday (or easter bunny coming or whatever) without having to manually activate/deactivate the product?
  3. Hi all! I'm wondering if it is possible to make a product available only for a limited time. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Oli
  4. Thank you so much, dear @Baarssen, for helping me out. My shop is now up and running, and having had such a skillful helper saved me big deal of time (and grey hair). :smile:
  5. Thanks @Baarssen , @interfinet and @alwayspaws and sorry for late reply. Working on the farm is my first priority, so being behind the computer has to wait sometimes... :grin:
  6. Seems like I forgot what I learned in two decades as an IT specialist.. :grin: But it's clear that the problem usually sits between screen and keyboard! :laughing: Well, I basically have two products, so there's no risk of putting to many at the same time. What I still need to understand is the mechanics of such an engine... Knowing which things need to be done first. Thanks @Traumflug and @DavidP for helping me realize I can and will solve those issues :thumbsup_tone2::wink:
  7. Hi all! It's about two months (!) that I'm trying to set up my web shop, but this stuff is driving me crazy and, honestly, I have better things to do for my start-up than fighting with e-commerce (which is nothing more than a nice to have thing in my business). Every time I think I'm through, there is some new problems popping up. When I fix one issue here, another one shows up somewhere else... I'm selling worms and compost, not rockets! :laughing: Is there someone with time and reasonable monetary expectations who could help me finishing this? Thanks Olivier
  8. @lesley Ok, then I'll do it that way. Let me know when you're in need of someone testing ASM.
  9. Yes, I read about it, but was not sure if the problem I'm having is related to that. I also saw that the ASM is being improved in TB, which is good news. So basically the advice is manual stock management... :grin:
  10. Good day! I'm having some little issues with the Advanced Stock Management and most definitely would need some advice because I'm stuck. Probably I'm simply misunderstanding something. So back to my now usual worm example, for I'm selling those as well as worm compost. I have worms for bait and composting. I created two products, containing 1 worm each. Then I have packs, containing x times 1 worm (30 bait worms, 100 compost worms...) as a product. I added 10'000 bait and 10'00 compost in the ASMS but somehow when I set the product pack to uses ASMS, it doesn't seem to use the stock I added but, instead, added more products that I need to restock in the ASMS because system says there's no sock. What am I doing wrong and/or misunderstanding here? Thanks and greetings from Finland :smile:
  11. Thanks @Havouza and @lesley for your replies! I understand that sometimes things don't work as I imagined them. Tried the discount options and think I can live with it after all. Wasn't able to open your test, but it's probably doing what my test ended doing and I'm probably not quick enough checking replies... :wink: But thanks for your effort, really appreciate!
  12. Hi all! As my name might suggest, I run a worm farm and am selling (among others) worms for fishing and composting. What I'm trying to do is having progressive pricing based on the quantity. Not to be confused with bracket pricing. Let me explain with a (really) simplified example: 1-10 worms cost 10 cent each 11-20 cost 9 cent each 21-30 8 cent each Customer orders 15 worms. In bracket pricing, the price applied is 9 cent for each of the 15 worms = 13.5 In progressive pricing, 10 worms cost 10 cent and 5 worms 9 cent = 10 x 0.10 + 5 x 9 = 14.5 Is there a way of doing this in TB? If not directly, maybe using discounts... Thanks The Worm guy
  13. @vzex With Nemo's module. Although I'm still not sure if the shop is doing what I really want it do do. :laughing: Maybe I'll need to post another question in the forum :wink:
  14. Hi @vzex! @vzex said in Product category visible to all, but buyable only by specific group: http://store.nemops.com/free-modules/44-product-access.html That somehow does what I need and claims to be TB compatible. Looks like it is... :grin: So now I have a "B2B" category with an info asking to register as a business if you want to see category specific prices. If you're in the B2B group, you'll see products and prices. If not, nada... There is probably a more elegant solution, but since it works I'm fine with it.
  15. Hi! :-) I tried to figure out a way to have a product category that all can see but only registered users can buy. If I make that category available only to a specific user group, it's not showing if I'm a visitor... How can I achieve this? Thanks!
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