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  1. Problem solved. I have been trying to get all my sites to be compatible with php 7.3 as was still running on 7.1 which is no longer supported. I had to install ZipArchive on php 7.1 before I could migrate from PS to TB. Yesterday after testing everything locally I switched the live server to 7.3 and it didn't reinstall the zip archive. Now able to install modules again.
  2. I've now hit another issue. Checking error_log I am seeing php errors for the PS cart block module. I ran a test on my local site by uninstalling and then deleting the module and it was automatically replaced by the TB block cart module. Tried the same thing on the live site and when I try to "install" the TB version I get a 500 server error. Same problem trying to install a third party module. I tried turning on debug but still not showing anything. Just discovered you can download the encrypted error report on the 500 error page (you learn something new every day!!). It is reporting class ziparchive not found so will try and work out what is different between my test server and live. Coincidentally ZipArchive was the php addon that was originally missing on the live server. Class 'ZipArchive' not found in file classes/Tools.php at line 3733
  3. Please ignore, just realised I can download Block Best Sellers v2.2.1 - by thirty bees from the TB store.
  4. I have a strange issue. I ran a trial migration on my local server and it replaced the "Top-sellers block v1.8.1 - by PrestaShop" by "Block Best Sellers v2.2.1 - by thirty bees". I then ran the same migrator on my live site and it has not replaced the Prestashop version. How do I go about replacing a single module with the TB version? Can I simply overwrite the /modules/blockbestsellers folder with the TB source files or do I zip them up and install it as a new module?
  5. Have done that and it passes all the tests, thanks again. Will now try to progress the migration.
  6. Thanks. I cannot find any mention of ZipArchive in my phpinfo screenshot, just bZip2. Just found a YouTube video on installing ZipArchive on a GoDaddy (for my sins!) cPanel so will check that out.
  7. I'm trying to migrate PS 1.6.18 to TB and I've successfully run the migration on my local test server (MAMP). I've installed the migrator module on the live site but it is failing with the pre-condition error "Test Zip fail". I cannot find any information on the forum or in the migrator documentation as to what this means. Strangely I'm suddenly having issues with PS Admin in that it times out when trying to bring up the Advanced Parameters / Configuration Page. The shop is running and the rest of admin loads fine. I've managed to grab a phpinfo screenshot by uploading a phpinfo.php file but do not know what I'm looking for.
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