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  1. why am I again asked to pay for a native module ???
  2. I had calmed down a lot already now it hits me again from the stool !!! Sorry, but I think you need glasses !!! ??? !!! What a shit .. is that again? How often should I point out that I have the Paypal-problems constantly and stripe has given the precipitate and a reset or a previous version now no longer works Quote: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1636/i-will-say-goodbye/87 Please read here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1585/paypal-problem here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1047/paypal-modul-problem and for example here https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1395/paypal-v6-problem Quote: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1619/stripe-bug-can-t-set-currency/4 After many attempts, I finally managed to reset the module to version 1.6.0. In live mode, I'll have to wait and see if payments or orders via Stripe will be received again. Now I have the option to check the checkbox next to the payment methods in the currency section.
  3. again many, many, many thanks for the help, support etc. I received until recently @lesley @mdekker @wakabayashi @slick_303 @datakick @musicmaster I know that some of my last comments were shit. Overall, I am appalled by this whole extent, as well as sad - but more disappointed about it. however, this seems to be another milestone in tb history. many comments have intensified the frustration in me. like a boxer lying on the ground, I tried to defend myself and eventually became aggressive. similarly, occam (eleazar) was expelled from the forum. He tried to support TB in his own way. I have supported tb for months with my little possibilities from about 6 years ps experience and trying to help. several members have thanked me for what i saw in reputation yesterday. such a great rating for me I would not have thought. and I assume that not all have given an upvote and some just a thank-you for my help, if I could help positively. Also for a thank you, I could be happy if my help worked out. There were also some positive comments that I was looking forward to. here my favorite: @rubben1985 Thanks for this great comment Quote: Lesley and mdekker are the fathers of TB, so they have a responsibility of telling people how the project is going on and repair all that is TB code. And that should not be paid as you propose. Customization or new features, sure, but TB code is their responsibility as well any future income will be for them. @lesley Nevertheless, I was pleased that today you have a current state of TB and then also very open. Quote from me: I was and still am fascinated and enthusiastic about the performance and improvements over PS 1.6.xxx. Convinced me to stay here … ??? What should I do? additionally Apparently, my contributions and help, before saying goodbye, not worth a penny. Result - My achievements in this forum are worth nothing. As well as the others who give their best and are not programmers. The last comment from traumflug https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1237/forcing-customer-to-choose-an-attribute/18 is again an example in which my neck bursts. This way he responds -> is a great ad for the image of tb and then just so violent a reaction. is this reaction ok? I'm not April fools. I do not know if this reaction is justified. I already feel like an accused offender in court anyway.
  4. @rubben1985 I know that. In places I felt pushed by some comments in the corner. The existing frustration was thereby strengthened. For various things I will not apologize for now.
  5. @vincentdenkspel said in I will say goodbye: I think this comment is totally out of line ! Yes, that is him. I already knew that before writing.
  6. @mediacom87 Sorry. Your comments can spare me. The previous ones of you were only counterproductive. Not helpful!
  7. In other words TB is now heavily in crisis.
  8. @Traumflug I remember another debate and small dark clouds. A few months ago there was a member called Eleazar in this community who has a lot of experience and knowledge from PS. I will not search for the topic now. But I'm sure you were one of the main reasons why he left the forum. He could have helped TB in a lot of ways. That's why I ignore your future comments because your posts do not seem to help. @nickon A change back to PS 1.6 would be a step backwards for me. PS 1.7 is absolutely unfit. Therefore, I switch to Shopware. This system is stable and has all the requirements I need for online trading. Including the new GDPR. -------> break I always read here constantly I should pay to get things fixed. And now again: Pay for a PS Paypal module, etc. Who gives me the guarantee that it works with TB! Concerning the support, I have asked for something here from a 24/7 service or something??? It's terrible, almost sucks. -------> break I've been thinking for hours if I write this or not, I've chosen it. QUIZ QUESTION: - In the end, does the FREE ecommerce platform Thirthy Bees turn out to be a sham? - When do the bee sting? Believe me this question was not easy for me to write. Currently, every confidence of me in TB is set negative. Totally shaken. If someone deletes this post, overwrites or even throws me out of the forum -> has the one responsibility to explain this to the other community members. Big thanks to the last positive comments. @zimmer-media said in I will say goodbye: Convinced me to stay here … What should I do? Apart from 2 active members at the beginning of my very first communication on this topic, I still have not received any comments or personal contact. Why I should continue to be loyal to TB. @lesley ok go to bed, sleep or do whatever. I think your project TB does not seem to matter so much to you. Sorry - I have now -> no desire to wait for your comment.
  9. @pmfjoe said in I will say goodbye: @zimmer-media I actually did read the entire thing and all the comments. I am not sure how it works for you and to each is own but my time is valuable and if I am spending it trying in vain to fix something I am losing money. I don't think and would never call you an asshole. No you do not have - but I say it to myself @lesley and @mdekker Sorry -> For over 3 days I have hardly slept and eaten. Meanwhile, I hope you have read it completely. @lesley Regarding the dark clouds, I'm looking forward to your blog. The community wanted more feedback from you. And I have unconsciously contributed by my topic to make your voice heard. Why write ppl constantly, use another module. Buy in the PS shop etc. As it seems, the native TB modules Paypal and Stripe in the few Liveshops, barely in use. If I am correct, it can not only be on different servers with my shops. Am I not too stupid for that? Only for the wrong decisions? I may be wrong too, but if I've made mistakes, I've admitted for it. I have the ass in my pants to confess my own mistakes.
  10. @pmfjoe Changing from TB to another shop system costs my time, not my budget. Please read the complete topic or just my comments. !! I'm the asshole !!
  11. @mockob I almost forgot you in the last hours - thank you very much for your (mental) help
  12. I have to add a comment! I almost never looked at this data. If I look at the relationship - I'm the total dumbass in this forum - and im not a programmer comments - and reptutation its really heavy, crazy what do i make wrong? can someone tell me this? I do not want to be personal, @yaniv14 , but do you have some great advice for me? i am a devil? I am in hell? slowly I need tranquilizers.
  13. I hope this is my last comment in this topic. Only there are points that still can not leave me alone, I wanted to say goodbye simply and formally. I still want to defend myself on a number of points. @yaniv14 and @lesley Did I mention something here in the topic or in the error messages about a free support, request or similar? As I said a few weeks ago because of the Paypal problem polite and factual in demand. And I waited and waited and would have waited a bit more. Paypal is a native module of TB. Here I think the community has the right to just ask and point to possibly errors. Not everyone notices mistakes immediately and looks forward to a hint. Hereby I thank @SLiCK_303 , who tried to help me. The community helps each other. In some cases, the community relies on the main programmers. Please read here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1585/paypal-problem here: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1047/paypal-modul-problem and for example here https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/1395/paypal-v6-problem And I like to repeat it again - I did that not only out of personal interest, but also for the community. Every community wants a lot, has suggestions for improvement and much more. Even in this topic, which scares me with their magnitude, I'm a little surprised how few actually use TB live and one part seems to have no idea about the European ecommerce market, payment methods, customer service etc (ok no problem), as well as me none from other parts of the world, even if I could sell there until a few days ago. This also so few of Stripe and their possibilities have no idea, hmmm sigh. Pardon to all who feel addressed. Nevertheless, the ecommerce world -> European is dependent. Before Eleazar left, he had said a thing or two. But please do not compare me with him now. Again on the subject of Stripe eg different currencies at Paypal and Stripe. Stripe charges are cheaper for me. Should I make the goods even more expensive, the fight against the competition is hard enough. Stripe offers for my targeted sales room payment options with no monthly additional charge or high fees. I've been watching other potential payment providers since I started ecommerce. Please, no further suggestions to other payment providers. Given the fact that many are waiting for TB 1.0.4 before actually opting to switch. Many expect that more bugs will be fixed. Will some of them still wait, hope and still not change? I have my points of view, as well as others. However, I have to ask why wait so long? Apart from my current problems, TB 1.0.3 runs better than the best PS 1.6.xxx version. Sorry, some arguments that I have read in the last few hours ..... ok. Everybody as he wishes. How would the TB team like to convince them? I am not anymore. I was and still am fascinated and enthusiastic about the performance and improvements over PS 1.6.xxx. Convinced me to stay here .... ??? What should I do? With this unwanted extent in this topic of a real farewell, there was hopefully more food for thought to make more of it -> positive development. To reconsider some things. The clouds over TB were apparently darkened in the last few days. The community has been waiting for weeks for many answers. And I'm the dumbass now. Back to the point Paypal. Here I mention again @SLiCK_303 , who has also communicated that it did not work properly with him, with the same problems as mine. He was more fortunate in finding the solution than me. His solution did not work for me. Only a few hours ago, thanks to the help of @wakabayashi , I understood now how to enter a bug with Github. @lesley And thank you, that at least one of you gave a sign of life from you. It's nice to read that you could remember me migrating my main shop from PS to TB. I was and still am very grateful for this help. I would write more, but it's enough. I think I am partly misunderstood again as well as negative. its absolute crazy :(
  14. That my actual topic has triggered such a great debate, I had not planned or thought. The original text should just be bye. Originally I did not want to say more. In places, I was apparently not understood correctly by some people. Since the Paypal problem with my shops with update to 5.3.2 and try with version 6 I waited patiently. I was not even annoying. I pointed this out to Lesley and Michael on various issues. I have been waiting and trying to compensate. I would have waited a little longer because of that. When I saw and communicated mistakes, it is not only in my own interest, but also for the community. And now that Stripe is no longer working with the new update and attempts to get a previous version up and running again did not work out. Here I had to make a decision. This decision was to change the shop system and make no drama out of it. The work of the programmers on the system and the guys who have developed these great new modules I can always say only hats off. As others have written, I have also invested a lot of time and support in this project. And the decision to change the system was certainly not easy for me. If the budget is running low, because there are hardly any payments left, you have to act. And it was not due to missing visitors or customers. The heart hurts.
  15. Answers and additional information @tomik said in I will say goodbye: and the postnl module, could be that hes getting paid for that module so it has a higher priority which is understandable sorry to read this and must smile - i think it isnt paid, you can download free from github @drmasterchief said in I will say goodbye: Do you really need Stripe ? YES i need I want to be competitive with my shops eventually. Only bank transfer and Paypal as a payment option is too little. Stripe offers more than just credit card payments, it includes several payment options when activated. In addition, this is better to get customers and keep regular customers. In Germany and the rest of the world there are buyers who do not want to pay with Paypal. etc In addition, I have since the update from Paypal to version 5.3.2 have problems and have communicated this here in the forum also often. And now that Stripe is not working for me anymore, should I continue to wait and wait and wait? @mockob said in I will say goodbye: which are ruin their business yes thats do it @ all It's not just about my own existence. What about my wife and kids? What about my team. Should I give up everything? @yaniv14 said in I will say goodbye: But you prefer to blame lesley and michael, for you loosing money on your shop, when you are not even offering to buy paid service from them. I did not accuse you for that. I also do not urge you to fix that for me quickly. I think you have misunderstood something here. Like a few lines above -> I have already shared the Paypal problem many times here in the forum. If some key issues are not resolved, how does the new TB interested switch to TB? etc If I have come too close, I apologize. I've always rated Lesley and Michael's achievements positively and respected them. Switching from PS to TB with a shop was not easy. Since you were both very helpful. The last few weeks days and hours have become very frustrating for me. I too have to feed my family. Some noticed that I had 5 active online shops in my signature. All with TB and on 3 different servers. Everywhere I have the same problem with the payment methods. Should I buy an additional payment module from PS for each shop and then it will not even work with TB?
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