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  1. Maybe it's a bit of a weird problem, but I had hoped someone had an idea.
  2. I just activated multi-store again and carefully following the gui attempted to add a shop. However, when I clicked save, I got this error: Property Shop->id_theme is empty. This mystifies me as I had a theme selected. Any suggestions?
  3. I have gotten partly past this issue by using Store Manager's diagnostics to find missing images. Now I've run into the issue that images for a couple hundred products (out of around 43,000) just won't show up. What I find odd is I don't get a broken image link icon. There's just a blank square where the image should be AND when I right click and try to copy the image url or save the image it gives me info for a GIF image. None of the source images are GIFs and I have Preferences--> Images set to use JPEG. I have zero idea where the GIF came from or rather where the DB thinks the image came from since when you try to download them you are told "no file found".
  4. I am having an issue getting all images to show properly in Block Featured Products. I am using Store Manager and have 3 storefronts set up. Regardless of what I do I can't get all the images to show properly in the block. I tried toggling friendly URLs, I've rebuilt the index, and I've switched themes. I have not reuploaded all the images or deleted and regenerated all the thumbnails. With over 43,000 products I rather dread doing that as it would obviously take quite some and I could well run into php timeout issues. Are there any good alternatives besides deleting and regenerating? Any guidance is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance... As a corollary question, is it better to establish one store and do all the uploads before or after enabling multistore? All my stores are using the same theme...
  5. I currently have Block New Products set to display 12 products, but I have more than 12 new products. I would like to know if there is a way to randomly select the 12 products (or at least pseudo-random). I see no space in the configuration for Block New Products that allows for randomization. Thanks in advance.
  6. I appreciate all the input greatly. I've gotten what I need and I really didn't think it was possible in a practical sense but I thought I'd ask in case I was wrong. Yes, I have three storefronts. Two are on one server and the other is on a different. I specifically chose not to try to point all of them to the same database. I wanted at least two databases. I also chose not to have all three on one server. I wanted redundancy. If one web server went down or was unavailable, I needed to make sure I had at least one operational server. Again, thanks for all the help. It is truly appreciated.
  7. In my case I have 2 domains with one hosting provider and 2 with another....thats all I was getting at.
  8. Thanks to the helpful folks here, I now understand and have been able to successfully setup multistore for store URLs on the same web host. The question I have is, is it possible to setup for a store URL hosted on a different web server? I'm sure it's another of my noob questions....thanks in advance.
  9. I am having exactly this issue at a fresh install. If I understand correctly, I should just be able to click next and continue installing despite the error. In my case, clicking the Next button does absolutely nothing. As an aside, I will say that I don't much care if PayPal works as I have no intentions of using it on this store. Any advice? Thanks in advance...
  10. Thank you very much for the guidance.
  11. I wanted to add a background image to the margins of the home page so I used this as a template: body { background-image: url("https://www.website.com/image.png"); } I would like to do the same for the footer but I can't seem to figure out what to replace "body" with to get it done. I've tried footer, .footer, .footer-bg. Any guidance, as always, is deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  12. Thank you. I just knew I was missing something significant.
  13. I'll apologize in advance for my lack of knowledge....I am new to ThirtyBees as I used CSCART for a long time. I am trying to setup multistore but find myself with a number of questions. I have a subdomain created on my server as I assume the URL for the second store has to be resolvable and I assume I have to install the software in that subdomain. That prompts me to wonder if I could use a URL on another server. Of course, when I install the software the second time I won't be allowed to use the same table prefix so I am curious how the second store will be able to see the data. THAT makes me wonder if I am supposed to use a second DB for the second store, but that doesn't make sense to me either. Then I went to my cpanel had redirected the subdomain I assume as a result of trying to setup multistore. You can see I am rather confused and I would greatly appreciate some direction or asssistance. Thanks in advance...
  14. Literally it said "an error occured". Monkeying as in altering "MAX_EXECUTION_TIME" and "MEMORY_LIMIT" .... increasing and decreasing to see if it helped.
  15. I am positive this issue has been raised before but I couldn't find it. Building a new store with ThirtyBees and using CSV import to get products in. The problem I am having is simply put volume. I have around 44000 products to import but can't seem to get more than 200-300 imported before a very non-specific error occurs. Am i missing a setting somewhere? Is there a limit as to how many can be imported at one time? I tried monkeying with my php.ini file but it didn't seem to help. Any guidance or suggestions would be most appreciated.
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