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  1. Yes I tried, and after that it is no longer possible to view the site at all, only get 500 error on everything except the backend. Maybe I did something wrong, will get someone experienced to help. Might be an idea to upgrade to the newest TB?
  2. Hi thanks for input. I tried to turn of the recaptch module and did not seem to help. I cannot see any option to download a report on the 500 error page. It only says "This page isnt working - unable to handle this request - HTTP ERROR 500". Will try to ask programmer Zapalm for help, maybe he knows a way.
  3. Hello again. I got the same issue now on the cloned site that previously had no issues. Suddenly appeared so that customers trying to log in get the 500 error message. I thought maybe it had to be with the Visitor/Guest accounts again but they were all in Customer category and still not working. I tried to clear the cache, but it did not make any difference. Anyone else had this issue and know how to fix it? Also should mention before this 500 error appeared, there seemed to be some issue with the Captcha. I tried to register a new customer account and it kept saying Captcha was incorrect. Then suddenly this HTTP 500 error came again. Hope someone can help.Thanks a lot!
  4. Yes that might be, I managed to fix the access to one of the customer accounts giving 404 error by making sure more customer groups were ticked - if only Guest or Visitor, then it gives 404 error, but as soon as I also ticked Customer, it was possible to log in again. The other one giving 404 works again when I clicked the button for converting Guest to Customer account. So seems to be some issue with the Visitor/Guest accounts, maybe some of my settings need to be changed.
  5. Update: Suddenly now the error has disappeared. I am not sure if any of the developers I had asked to look at it did something recently, or if it resolved in some other way. Now the issue is only that 2 of the customers give a 404 error saying this page is not available, when trying to log in to the customer area. The rest seems to work fine now and no more 500 error.
  6. I get "This page isn’t working anandakratom.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500" whenever I try to log into a customer account, or this appears when customers tries to log in themselves. I had one PS developer trying to solve it, and he says "Hi I tried every thing, it only don't show 500 error if ssl is disabled on all pages but doesn't login in to website, everything else is giving 500 error and doesn't show any debug error" Then he suggests I upgrade to newest Prestashop, something I do not want to do. Would rather set up a new TB if necessary. Thanks
  7. Has anyone else experienced this and got any idea how to fix it? I have had 2 developers looking into it and they both gave up. The clone has no issues at all.
  8. OlavS

    the "best" theme

    Hi But any theme made for PS 1.6 will work on TB? I asked some developers and they said they dont know Regards
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