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  1. No worries! Thank you very much. You were very right. I really appreciate your help. I was able to solve the checkbox issue and the duplicate company address too! I had disabled the store contacts but for some reason there was a custom HTML block which I found after deeper inspection of the code. I will check if the Order Number module works later. The only thing left is removing the carriers. Great!
  2. No need to phrase it so unfriendly. However you are right in the case of the missing information. I am using TB 1.1.0 with the Niara template. Regarding Question 2: I was using Google prior to opening this thread because it usually displays topics from this forum. I was unable to find anything beforehand. Thank you.
  3. My bad, it seems like I was too tired to see the additional options. Is there any way to style the footer any better? I just need to add a few line breaks.
  4. Hey guys, I am currently working on two issues. I was able to partially solve one. Issue 1 (duplicate company address): https://prnt.sc/tbc64r For some reason there are 2 of the company address blocks. One is positioned correctly with the correct information, however the other one is filled with the examples in the wrong position. How do I resolve this? Issue 2 (missing checkbox): https://prnt.sc/tbca04 I was able to solve this one partially. The issue was fixed when adding "class="label-text"". However whenever I add it into the code it does not seem to appear in the browser. What's the correct file for this? Question 1: Is it possible to completely remove the courier/delivery option? We are selling virtual items which is why we would not need it. Question 2: How can I set the references to #000001, #000002, #000003 instead of the random letters?
  5. Hello Bees, how can I adjust the Invoice to be VAT friendly. There are quite a few things missing currently. %Do I have to adjust the template directly?
  6. Unfortunately I don't have an answer to 1. However I believe 2. should work. Best for both would be trying it.
  7. Thank you, Andy! I really appreciate it.
  8. Wonderful, thank you. Was anything missing or buggy?
  9. Is it possible to transfer the entire html folder (thirtybees) from var/www/ to a new server instead of downloading the github repository and using the transferred folder for the normal installation that's described in the documentation?
  10. I was able to resolve it, thank you very much!
  11. How do I remove the background of the images in the Niara theme? I uploaded an image without a background color but for some reason a white background was added.
  12. Thank you very much. How would I go about an installation with a previous "back-up" on a new system?
  13. Great, this wouldn't affect my CSS/TPL file changes, newly added modules or other settings would it?
  14. Thank you. I edited Niara. Should I rename Niara itself or the entire TB folder? How would you import the changes into the new installation?
  15. Hello, I chose a non-English language even though the shop needs to be in English. Now I am having issues fixing this which is why I thought about a simple reinstall. The issue is that I don't want to loose any changes I made during the current TB period. How do I transfer all the important changes including file changes that were not made through the back-office?
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