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  1. Hi Veganline, The way you introduce is very helpful, I changed it now, thank you very much
  2. Hi Wartin, thank you very much, I update and it works better, but I could not find where to translate attached photo's information, including the "featured products", " My Cart" and "what others love most", do you know where to update?
  3. Hi Wakabayashi, I install the payfast already, and test the sandbox, sandbox is working, but when I turn to live and insert necessary information, and I try to buy something and check out, when choose payfast payment, I find it indicates Eror: 400 bad request. However, my another website using the same payfast account and merchant keys is working correctly. I don't know why this happen.
  4. Hi Wakabayashi, Thank you and I have tried, download the module and upload to the back office, but after upload success, I could not find the module. I don't know where to find it.
  5. Good day, When I do the translation of the front office, I find some parts are not translated and what is more important is that after the system's translation I try to manually insert the information by myself, and when I press the save button, information of the other part of the translation of the front office lost. Every time I fill the lost information again and save, the other parts lost. So it takes me time to fill and save, fill and save.... Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
  6. Thank you colorful-ant, it works very nice! Have a wonderful day!
  7. Hi Colorful, it's like this as attached, after go to block category, how to make the category to the footer?
  8. Good day, Doese any one know how to add the category link or category to the footer ? So when you surfing the page, you don't have to always roll up again to go back to the menu to get the category. Thank you~
  9. Hi Wartin, Thank you, I have go into the file manager and edit already. It's done, looks much nice than before.
  10. Does anyone know how to install new payment options for payfast? This is the payment company website: https://www.payfast.co.za/
  11. Hi Datakick, I understand what you mean now, and try again, find that the error is "currency not supported" as attached, it seems South African Rand is not supported by Paypal, what should I do so those clients using Visa Card or Mastercard could make the payment online?
  12. Hi Datakick, I'm following this instruction to do the paypal https://docs.thirtybees.com/native-modules/paypal/, but it seems not work. What is production secret keys?
  13. Thank you Wartin, I think it's difficult for me, as I'm a new beginner, I need time to learn that.
  14. Hi Wartin, Can you tell me how to edit the theme? I try to find the button to edit the theme in the back office, but I can't find it. Thank you very much~
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