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  1. I just tried community-theme-modded. npm run lint-js now gives: Error: No ESLint configuration found Copying .eslintrc.js from the community theme lets it run, generating 764 errors... I'm sure once I get to the point I can actually start everything will get easier!
  2. Thanks, that means I was starting in pretty much the right place. Should I use the community theme from 1.1.0 or the latest in git? I had more success in my first attempts (based on the linked howto) with the git version, but can I assume I can ignore the various warnings and deprecations? (That seems to be where git has fewer issues.) I just tried following through your instructions using 1.1.0: npm install leaves me with 32 vulnerabilities npm run compile-css gives me an error in plugingupl-notify (not found: notify-send) npm run copy-index gives me a long list of ERROR: ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat 'index.php.copy Are all those errors/warnings OK or does that mean something is broken? Doing the same on current git: npm install - no vulnerabilities npm run compile-css OK npm-format-js: Error: missing script format-js Looking in ackage.json I guessed that maybe this should now be lint-js instead, which does run but with 757 errors... npm run copy-index gives an error: "TypeError: fs.copy is not a function" Neither feel like they "worked". This is on Ubuntu 20.04.1
  3. What's the best way to get started on a custom theme? I spent some time today starting here without success - a lot seems to have changed since it was written and I don't know enough about gulp or the code using it to get past it. I'm not looking for anythying complicated, is it better to just hack an existing theme? What is a good simple theme to get started with?
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