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  1. I am hopeful that the problem has been fixed. Look like a font problem, still working on tweaking this to work but it print and downloads as a pdf now. :)
  2. I am using 7.4 PHP. Yes I asked if its TB compatible and was told it was. If I use the native built in invoice, everything works fine so it has to be the module. So far I am having the developer even understand what the problem is. They keep sending me screen shots saying it works and I keep telling them that the preview works (which is what they are screen shotting) but you cannot save it or print it properly. Its very frustrating , I feel like I am beta testing for this company.
  3. https://globosoftware.net/product/prestashop-custom-invoice-template/ its also on the addon.prestashop site as well
  4. I bought the advanced forms from Globosoft soI could customize my invoices. The problem is the module does not print the invoices or save then as PDF properly. I have been in contact with the developer every day since I bought it bit keep getting the same answer " We will check" . Its suposed to support images in the invoices but I had to give up on that becuase that did not work either. Really getting frustrated with this company. First image is what the invoice is supposed to look like, second image is what it prints or saves as pdf. Anyone know how to get this to work? Anyone have this module working?
  5. I am looking for an invoice editor that works with TB. Any recommendations?
  6. i thought so also, so I bought Panda theme and it does the same thing.
  7. I think thats beyond my capabilities. The problem only popped up when I went from Prestashop to TB.
  8. Can someone point me in the right direction. I need to change the font size on my invoice. The total does not appear on 1 line. Its too big. See picture. Thanks
  9. I deleted a couple of hundred and how I get a spinning on save and save and stay. Any ideas?
  10. Fantastic, just what i was looking for
  11. Do I have to do them 1 at a time? I did not see a select all and have it do it. Also, do I touch the ones that say dangerous?
  12. I want to change the wording out of stock to something else. I am using the PANDA theme. Any idea how to do this? I usually would go to translations but it does not list the Panda theme to make the changes. Any ideas?
  13. Under Database Schema I have hundreds of these. Do I have to hit apply fix and if so is there a way to do all or have to hit it hundreds of times?
  14. regenerated and seems good so far. Thanks
  15. is there a way to just have this site?
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