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  1. just edited this and "large" works as well.
  2. Also, in regards to my original issue, replacing "large_default" with "Niara_large" in the og:image tag in /modules/socialsharing/views/template/hooks/socialsharing_header.tpl fixed my issue, and now product images are displayed on Twitter cards. Upgrading to 1.1.x did not fix this without this edit, so I'll open up an issue on Github. Thanks to everyone for helping me solve this!
  3. I could not find getFrontTranslation and I cleared the cache, ran the core updater again, and made sure I had permissions to write the file. By copying and pasting the classes/Translate.php file from the github into my server, it worked, and I ugraded to 1.1.x Perhaps it's an issue with the core updater?
  4. I tried updated my shop to 1.1.x, but my shop returned an error. I turned on debug mode and here is what I got: Call to undefined method Translate::getFrontTranslation() in file config/smartyfront.config.inc.php at line 66 and the line in question is: 66: return Translate::postProcessTranslation(Translate::getFrontTranslation($params['s'], $basename, $params['sprintf'], $params['js']), $params); Any ideas? Thank you so much.
  5. Thank you so much! This is exactly where it is. One other question: so the reason Twitter card images are not working is because this module is pulling the wrong Image URL: I'm using the Niara theme, but it's generating a URL from the /30-large_default directory instead of /30-Niara_large, where my product images are: {if isset($link_rewrite) && isset($cover) && isset($cover.id_image)} <meta property="og:image" content="{$link->getImageLink($link_rewrite, $cover.id_image, large_default)}" /> {/if} I'm new to Thirty Bees and I'm not sure what to change - my gut is telling me large_default should be replaced with Niara_large - is that right? Also, is there somewhere else I should report this issue? I'm sure other people have run into the socialsharing module not generating Twitter card images for their products if they're using the Niara theme.
  6. I'm running into an issue where Twitter cards for my products aren't displaying the product image. I looked at the HTML for the product page and I saw the open graph tags (ie, og: type, og: title, og: image), so I know they exist and are being generated. The og: image code doesn't appear to be pulling the correct image for my product, explaining my issue. However, I can't find the .tpl file that generates this code, and I've looked everywhere. Does anyone know how thirty bees generates open graph tags for products?
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