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  1. Hi @veganline. Tried that but it didn't work. What worked for me was changing the Ciphering configuration under Advanced Parameters / Performance to the following value (I had PHP Encryption library). Has anyone else seen this problem?
  2. Thanks for the reply @30knees. It is weird since the server has TSL 1.2 support (I've checked it). And so does say the Stripe module configuration: But, if I go to Advanced Parameters -> Configuration Information it says there is no support for TLS 1.2: Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I'm setting up the Stripe module and everything works fine except for the final step (the order confirmation page displayed to the customer). This is the URL causing problems: /gb/module/stripe/validation?type=checkout The order is generated properly and the payment status is correct. Payment is received in Stripe. Email is sent to the customer. I'm using: Nginx/1.10.3 PHP 7.4. Notes/ideas: The backoffice tells me about a problem with TLS 1.2 (Install TLS v1.2 support on your server.). Could this be related to it? Could the 'gb' at the beginning of the URL what is causing problems? (/gb/module/stripe/validation?type=checkout)
  4. Gorka

    Catalog price rules?

    My bad. I have the shop in spanish and the translation confused me. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone. I'm just starting with ThirtyBees and I think it is awesome. Thanks to everyone for the good work. I have a question about the catalog price rules. I'm using version 1.11.x. I've read in the documentation there is a "catalog prices rules" option (https://docs.thirtybees.com/merchants-guide/price-rules/) but I am unable to find it. Has it disappeared in 1.11? Or has it been moved somewhere else?
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