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  1. The error is gone now. Go to preferences/general and disable the SSL and SSL every page. This will prevent the redirects.
  2. I am thru now. Login to backend with http and not https. Then regenerate htaccess. Now I am in. But the ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS is still there. Will look into that
  3. It should work because you are fooling only your computer. It doesn't matter were it is. For the computer this is a real webshop :-). Or am I wrong?
  4. Hi, Lesley told me this too. I asked him to take a look at htaccess. Thanks so far. I can see this page now http://www.susenso.nl/?controller=404. Maybe you see something there?
  5. Go to host file and add " susenso.nl www.susenso.nl"
  6. It is working fine on the old server now. But after we already have migrated the site to new server ip that is not online yet it isn't working anymore. Please to see the site change the IP of susenso.nl to!! Otherwise you will see the site where it is still working fine on the old server.
  7. Sorry, it is 1.03 but url is susenso.nl with ip So you have to change the host file.
  8. Hi, I have migrated my site to new server. So files and database are both the same as original. The only difference is that the new server has php 7.3 and the old had 5.6. Could this cause the erorr ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS? I tried to change shop domain and the ssl domain but no luck. Anyone an idea?
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