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  1. Speaking of the FPC. I just tested it. Is it normal that it always misses? I cant get it to HIT any page. It's always x-thirtybees-pagecache: MISS
  2. Read my first post. I never brought up what you are talking about. I simply asked a question about the current thirty bees full page cache - and I got the answer i was looking for. Im not sure what you are trying to discuss, but it's not an answer to my question.
  3. FPC for ecommerce without exception is obviously a very bad idea. No one refers to FPC as actual F-u-l-l p-a-g-e caching, that would never work, and we both know that. The scenarios you describe are obviously avoided even on a so called "Full page cache", as there are sections and modules which needs to load dynamically. Thanks for the answer 👍 Could you remind me why PrestaShop cache modules are incompatible with thirty bees?
  4. Well, a cache should only be flushed when strictly necessary - otherwise what's the point. There should be ways to "automate" it, for example flushing the productpage when the stock status changes. But i hear you are saying the TB FPC is working as it should?
  5. Hi guys, Are any of you aware if the TB native fullpage caching is functional properly. I've previosuly read that it's not completely done. And as for other caching modules, Is it correct that these are not compatible with Thirty bees? Like this: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-performance/7939-page-cache-ultimate.html
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