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  1. My search results are ok. But Google Ads are blocked, by robots.txt.
  2. Thank you for your answer. But I know where to change it. But I don't know what I can remove without affecting my SEO. Google Ads requires subpages to be indexed. However, I don't want to share the shopping cart or login page. The robots.txt file looks valid. However, google thinks otherwise. I think that removing it, is a bad idea. Maybe someone had a problem with ads and solved it somehow?
  3. Hello; I have a big problem with adwords ads. Each ad test reports that the website is being blocked by robots.txt. We are talking about the home page as well as subpages. How do I modify robots.txt to keep its functionality and allow ads to run? The problem began at the beginning of 2021. My page 4kidspoint pl
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