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  1. Hey all. Okay, so I know it is a fork and was created by people who wanted 1.6 to be kept on due to 1.7 changing dramatically and removing features, but, what I find hard to find info on is what exactly does it mean ? I have a 1.6 store and was eyeing up moving to 1.7 but what advantages do I have going to thirtybees instead of 1.7 (apart from a more awesome community of course) now that many 1.6 modules have been updated to work with 1.7 and given I am also happy to change my theme ? What are the positives and negatives ? That would be the best FAQ, to see what I gain and what I lose. I notice the documentation pages say it is compatible with almost every 1.6 module and theme, that is great, but now things have moved on 4 years since 1.7 came out, do we lose anything that 1.7 users gain with themes ? As I guess not many theme developers are making new 1.6 themes. So I guess I mean is there anything 1.7 themes can do that 1.6 can't even with thirtybees ? Nearly all videos on thirtybees on Youtube in English seem to be 3+ years old so it is hard to find visual info that is up to date. Any info appreciated, thanks :)
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