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  1. Thanks a lot at all! This makes it more cleary for me and many thanks to the hint with the hooks 🙂
  2. thanks! It is definitly the first one 🙂 I don't know if there is a license problem/difference when I'm just "using" the shop or customize source code for my own needs. For example. Modifying core or modules like payment or something else. I already thought this but haven't found informations about that to confirm it for me ^^. I need to say that I haven't paid a lot attention for open source project licenses because I just "played" around and never had a plan to publish something. Licenses are in generally not my strength 😄 and I want to clarify things before I start to publish something. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for fast reply but I'm maybe a little bit confused because I found some posts related to OSL 3.0. https://opensource.stackexchange.com/questions/2945/does-osl-3-0-require-user-access-to-source-if-i-sell-access-to-it-as-saas Is there another scenario or why it differs from personal shop? This is exactly the point I already mentioned originally. I cannot believe that this is true but I would like to know/understand the difference. Does it only matters If I "fork" Prestashop/thirty bees and want to publish it as a custom product/system/service?
  4. Hi, first of all. I have posted this originally in the prestashop forums but it seems that the moderators have ignored it -.-' Later I found thirty bees and I'm currently have the same questions ^^. Sorry If I not found the right topic for this or I'm maybe a little bit too stupid about the meaning and usage of prestashop/thirty bees with OSL 3.0 license. I mean, i have found some informations but I cannot believe that they are true... The main questions are: When and how i must share the code with customers or to general publicity? Scenario 1: I'm using thirty bees as it comes and just configuring it. Maybe there are some modifications on styles/layout to the default template. Does it matter (from license site) if I modify the template directly or just coping and doing my stuff there? Scenario 2: I need to customize some core functions and will modify php files of the core and maybe core modules (3rd party modules could have another licenses?) When and how I have to publish the source? (including my modifications?). I mean. Do i need to upload it e.g. on GitHub and have to link it on my site? We are facing german market. Is there anything other/special? How other prestashops/thiry bees handle it? I hope anyone can help me, thanks! best regards
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