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  1. JustaHippy

    1.2 and Paypal

    I see that the Paypal mod was not included in the 1.2 TB package, so i went to Github and snagged it. Things have not went well, so i assume this is why it wasn't included? It does not acknowledge my server as having TLSv1.2 that it does and everytime i hit save it throws a 500.
  2. JustaHippy

    New User

    Hi, Long story short I come from using Opencart for about a decade and its always been buggy with sloppy code and crappy SEO. Found out about thirtybees from my brief experiment with Prestashop. I must say i like what yall are doing here with this and also the merchants edition i seen on this forum. I am not a coder but over the years i kinda know my way some code, it was a must with OC. Lots of folks like me out there that just want a stable, secure self-hosted platform without having to dig into code. Thirtybees seems to be on the right track, keep it up and i will be a user for a longtime. Also thanks for doing what yall do, if i was anything other then a borderline hack at coding i would help but i would just screw crap up lol
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