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  1. I have a self-hosted WordPress blog on a .me TLD. It gets a decent about of traffic, and I also serve Google Adsense. I'm planning on porting all the content to my new .com domain. I don't care much about Google's Adsense. I'm worried that porting all my content to my new domain will affect my SEO ranking. Or worse, Google might see it as duplicate content. I would appreciate any suggestions you can provide
  2. Could someone confirm that one module is compatible with the latest Thirtybees version, 1.2, in terms of RGPD/GDPR? I'm asking because I was planning to use Eolia's ("Prestashop GDPR Compliancy Module").
  3. Hello there, Regrettably, there is no module from tb. I was looking for something analogous for a few days and came across this, which appears to be a complete solution. I'm not sure how well it'll work with tb.
  4. That'll be a robot. IP addresses can be found in server logs. Have you installed the bad bot module from datakicks?
  5. Is it possible for a blog to rank only with fantastic content without any purchasing of backlinks... And how long does it take (on average) to get for example 500 active readers daily?
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