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  1. The experience has been good overall, with no hiccups once I had the currency situation corrected. The difference between Stripe and Square is that Stripe pays out once/week. No, the customer does not need to create an account (with Stripe or Square).
  2. I have resolved the issue. I installed the currency update module ECB Exchange, and enabled the US dollar (was disabled in screenshot above). It did not work right away, but the next time I logged in and processed an order the ECB Exchange was next to the US currency line item and the payment processed correctly.
  3. I successfully set up the Stripe module and payment are processing in my thirtybees 1.2.0. However, my customers are being charged as US funds by Stripe. the Stripe support I have been able to find suggests there are no currency settings at Stripe, that the currency charged is set at the cart. My localization is set to Canada, and Canadian currency is set as my default. (images attached). I'm not sure where to begin to fix this. Any suggestions? Thank you!
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