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  1. verbatim7

    Cache problem

    That was the issue. I wasn’t aware that you removed the raw query caching. With full page cache enabled, the cache works flawlessly on both redis and memcached instances. Thanks for the help!
  2. verbatim7

    Cache problem

    I havent tried using any other version than 1.0.3. Maybe it could work on previous version for some reason. I will give that a try later today and inform you about the results.
  3. verbatim7

    Cache problem

    Hi! First I would like to thank everyone involved in developing thirty bees. As many have already said, this is something that is very much welcome in the Prestashop community. While playing with thirty bees i encountered a potential issue. After copying my store and migrating that copy to thirty bees, everything was working except caching (tested memcached - same config as on my production store - and redis). I am not sure why, but using the store (clicking around on the front) doesn't add anything to the Memcached or Redis server instances. I tested if the instances work by creating a small test script (using thirty bees code - required the config file and called Cache::getInstance()) to set and get an item to the cache and both Memcached and Redis saved and retrieved data from the cache. I am not sure what could be the issue and am open to all suggestions you guys have. Things I have done: 1. Made sure everything in backend is set correctly 2. Tried deleting and adding the Memcached and Redis configurations multiple times 3. Tried on a clean migration, no extra modules or configuration changes Thanks for the help!
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