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  1. thanks for the suggestion, will take a look at both, the wizard one certainly not cheap, amazing how much more PS modules are compared to woocommercce etc, but, my site just wont work without a module like this and spent so much time getting it ready now in PS it would be soul destroying to back track lol. thanks again
  2. hi, my first post, hope this is the right place. is there really no module for TB that improves product combinations? I come from woocommerce and on there there is a module where you can add the product attribute and give that attribute value the price, rather than the combination. this makes it much quicker when managing hundreds of combinations. we sell upholstered headboards, these can be wall hung or floor standing (2 attributes), the can be different heights, they can be in diferent materials and colours, so you see it ends up thousands of combinations, some affect price, some dont, in woocommerce we setup the attribute, give it a price, say which product or product category that attribute applies to and hey presto done, no need to have millions of price combinations. surely something like this exists? i am leaving woocommerce as its just so inseccure these days, and sluggish, so was hoping to find a new platform, but, this is a real deal breaker :-( as we have to be able to easily have these prices like this. also, linked attributes, so, you select your materials (say chenille) then chenille comes in 4 colours so when you select the fabric you get the select list showing the colours available for that fabric. again this seems a basic fundamental of a lot of stores but cant see how this would be done in TB and cannot see any blocks/modules that achieve this. anyone point me in the right direction, or is it back to wordpress and woocommerce :-( thanks Darren
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