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  1. aaand problem resolved by the tool. I guess it was only the files on the site that was broken/missing, so database is OK. Thank you for your help 😃
  2. Looking into the database, it seems filled with data as well. So its like it have all the informatio needed, but the page to list products, catagories, product atributes etc. just dont want to list it - so I would assume its a error in admin folder at index.php?controller=AdminProducts and all the other sub sites...
  3. Data here seems correct. I tried to change DB_SERVER to localhost, and then the database could not be connected to, so its connected to the database. Also it counts the products when I add new, and click save - so it must register something? Its just like it wont pull the data when you query for the listing
  4. I think I located the issue, it dosn't connect to the database. But during installation, no errors came up 😕 How do I change database setup in TB installation?
  5. Ok, if I do that on the products side: SELECT a.`id_product`, b.`name` AS `name`, `reference`, a.`price` AS `price`, sa.`active` AS `active` , shop.`name` AS `shopname`, a.`id_shop_default`, m.`name` AS `name_manufacturer`, s.`name` AS `name_supplier`, image_shop.`id_image` AS `id_image`, cl.`name` AS `name_category`, sa.`price`, 0 AS `price_final`, a.`is_virtual`, pd.`nb_downloadable`, sav.`quantity` AS `sav_quantity`, sa.`active`, IF(sav.`quantity`<=0, 1, 0) AS `badge_danger` FROM `tb_product` a LEFT JOIN `tb_product_lang` b ON (b.`id_product` = a.`id_product` AND b.`id_lang` = 1 AND b.`id_shop` = 1) LEFT JOIN `tb_stock_available` sav ON (sav.`id_product` = a.`id_product` AND sav.`id_product_attribute` = 0 AND sav.id_shop = 1 AND sav.id_shop_group = 0 ) JOIN `tb_product_shop` sa ON (a.`id_product` = sa.`id_product` AND sa.id_shop = a.id_shop_default) LEFT JOIN `tb_category_lang` cl ON (sa.`id_category_default` = cl.`id_category` AND b.`id_lang` = cl.`id_lang` AND cl.id_shop = a.id_shop_default) LEFT JOIN `tb_shop` shop ON (shop.id_shop = a.id_shop_default) LEFT JOIN `tb_image_shop` image_shop ON (image_shop.`id_product` = a.`id_product` AND image_shop.`cover` = 1 AND image_shop.id_shop = a.id_shop_default) LEFT JOIN `tb_image` i ON (i.`id_image` = image_shop.`id_image`) LEFT JOIN `tb_manufacturer` m ON (m.`id_manufacturer` = a.`id_manufacturer`) LEFT JOIN `tb_supplier` s ON (s.`id_supplier` = a.`id_supplier`) LEFT JOIN `tb_product_download` pd ON (pd.`id_product` = a.`id_product` AND pd.`active` = 1) WHERE 1 ORDER BY a.`id_product` ASC LIMIT 0, 50 I get answer: MySQL said: #1046 - No database selected So there is defently somthing with the database.
  6. Thanks for feedback @datakick I did enable debug mode allready, I remembered this from my days back with prestashop some years back 🙂 No errors come up. Im not sure about the other part. I tried to make a new SQL query, and it does the same thing there about the listing... its like the listing part frame is fucked up on the hole backoffice side...
  7. @lesley I hope you might have a few mins to look at this :)
  8. Attached a image here... Could it be a database issue?
  9. Hi there, I have just installed Thirty Bees for the first time, everything went smooth and page is online. However, when I go go my backoffice and click on products, I can see "Products 10" but no products is listed. Like they are filtered out, but nomatter what I do, I just cant get any listings. The same problem occours in Category (Caregory: 3). I can create new product and category, but when I press save, it just pops out int he list view and no listed procucts or catagories. Anyone have any idea what this could be caused by? Its driving me nuts, been messing around with it all day. Only thing I can think of is a faulty template... All the best Kenneth
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