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  1. Well the shop has worked without many flaws since before TB was forked, through all TB updates and still do. This split into two shops is a one time event that worked well also. If we experience any problems related to this we solve them when they occur. Other errors we will ofc get, admin caused or TB caused
  2. Well the db user has all rights so I have hard ti see what can be a permission problem. But I just used sql to delete them and all seems to work. Its a one time thing anyway
  3. Yes, thats the module. . Perhaps the demo orders and customers are id special and this id is what is taken away. But for normal orders and customers it does not work. Stupid in that case
  4. Hi. I have that module. But if there is a TB module already installed, I thought is should work
  5. Hi! After successfully cloned our shop and made them with its own categories and customers its only one thing left. Take away order and customers from the nuw one to be able to start from scratch There is a TB mudule for it but it seems that it does not work. I press the button but noything happens And thoughts Anders
  6. When you set up a new shop you get the possibility to choose what kind of shop you have. Like Garden shop, Fashion etc. But for us there is nothing that comes close in the dropdown so I wanted to add some lines to the db_table involved but I cant seem to find it Anyone knows where it is?
  7. Havouza

    cloned shop

    Thanks! I have now sorted it out, I am not sure what is was but now both back and front works
  8. Havouza

    cloned shop

    Hi! Well I started from beginning but no luck One thing I wonder is whet owner and group should the files have in the new shop. Its on the same vps, under a new domain
  9. Havouza

    cloned shop

    well I will start over. I have rolled back the system because for some reason I also got a 500 on the old frontpage so now I will start over
  10. Havouza

    cloned shop

    OK I can now access backend and have done also number 6 But now the frontend show me a 500 Server error.
  11. Havouza

    cloned shop

    backend url give me a 500 error
  12. Havouza

    cloned shop

    all done to 5. 6 I cant do because I am directly redirected to the old shop
  13. Havouza

    cloned shop

    .htaccess is gone but which cache should I delete?
  14. Havouza

    cloned shop

    Hi! Sometimes you take out victory a little early I have cloned our shop, meaning comied all files and dumped the sql into a new created db all on a new domain I have changed the shop url in the table ps_shop_url, but when I go to the new domain it directly redirect me to the old shop: What have I missed to change?? Any help apreciated Anders
  15. We have realized that using multistore is a nightmare so instead we will use 2 single shops. To make it as easy as possible to setup I have cloned the first shop and installed it under a second domain. But because the url settings also is cloned the new adress directly send the user to the first shop. So my question is where is the url stored. I have looked in all config files without luck so it must be in the db somewhere Any hint? SOLVED. Found in the db Anders
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