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  1. Havouza

    TB in 2 ways

    That is in the theme. Called Angar. PS
  2. I had no time to write but I found the problem. We use a ps module for the footer and it has its own cache. I realized it when I saw the path. Empty that cache and all was working. Will never forget it again
  3. Hi! I have moved our shop to a new vps and its almost successful. Admin works without problem But when I go to my shop I get an error. I can see that the link is to the old shop. I have changed urls in admin. Have I forgotten to change somewhere else?
  4. Hi Where can I find the text shown to the visitor when the shop is in Maintenance mode
  5. Havouza

    TB in 2 ways

    Now when TB: future is discussed I just wanted to show how different it can be used We run 2 shops 1 in Sweden. Started as PS 1.6 and has then been migrated to TB 1.0 and then upgraded following the new versions of TB It is perhaps a little special in the meaning that is sell everything between a toilet brush for 1.50 € to a forklift for 25000 €. All in all almost 2000 products But the most special is that it is all drop shipping, 10 different drop shippers deliver the goods We sell all with free shipping that is a powerful marketing word. Even if everyone knows there is nothing like a free meal. www.jv74.se The other one has in reality 3 products if we sold them using combinations. Now its 9. Only 1 need shipping, rest is virtual. www.havouza.com
  6. Havouza


    Use the Core Updater module.
  7. I tested 7.4 on the stable 1.1 but got a lot of errors in the log so I switched to 7.1 Still some warnings about depreached php but it works
  8. where? Intried to post here in the forum but not possible, Github?
  9. This is a bug in TB! To use the Attribute generator you have to Switch off the serverside caching.
  10. No I am not. We only sell EU so those who add VAT number get excluding VAT I solved the problem by rolling back a snapshop from yesterday. Then the problem disappeard But my second problem still remain-. Wrong url to the Combination Generator I wrote separate post about it
  11. Suddenly the url to the Combination generator take you to the dashboard. I found one post from April about it but no answer about what can cause the error Anyone?
  12. Hi! Suddenly today only excl VAT prices is shown on the products. Have I changed a setting without knowing it or what can it be.
  13. Havouza


    Well at least my comment seems to have stired up some unrest. And as usual Markus come up on the baricades. He is a fighter, but without any diplomatic skilles. Many has he pissed off since he joined the project, not me though. I am to old to bother and after have been living in Germany for 7 years before we moved here I know the type. But hope something good come out of this thread. I for one will continue using TB as long as possible. Good Luck
  14. Havouza

    Stripe Problem

    Is that not the same as in the TB 1.1? If it is 10 countries are missing in the dropdown and Stripe support say it must be setup with the country where the business is
  15. Havouza


    Well I can only judge from my own perspective. F.ex I want to use the Stripe module. But cannot do it because it miss 10 countries where Stripe is available. Stripe support say I cant use another country, it must be the country where business is registered. I am not a developer but I imagine that it is only about to add 10 countries in the countrylist. The alternative would be for me to buy the PS module. But does it work? Far from all PS 1.6 modules work with TB. I would hate to see TB go down, not only for the reason that we since 1.0 run a successful shop with almost 2000 products that I cant imagine how to move, but in general because there is no affordable alternative.
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