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  1. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    yep. no help
  2. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    Again, why does it work on one shop and not on the other. its cloned
  3. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    Same in both zip Zip enabled Zip version 1.15.4 Libzip headers version 1.7.3 Libzip library version 1.7.3
  4. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    But what I dont understand is why it works on the other shop? Same VPS, same php version. Shop works without problem, just install modules give the error in the second shop, work flawless in the first, from which the clone is made
  5. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    ThirtyBeesException Class 'ZipArchive' not found in file classes/Tools.php at line 3680 I have checked php7.2-zip is already the newest version (7.2.34-10+ubuntu18.04.1+deb.sury.org+1).
  6. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    @datakick All permissions are correct and folders are 755 on both servers Screenshot did not show top line
  7. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    Well to install it properly washardly an option. The shop containes 3000+ products and 15000+images. To sort that out would be an impossible task. Both shops has identical owner/group.I used a clone tool to see to it. I will try datakicks suggestion, but I have a suspicion that last time I tested that I ended up rolling back a snapshot. Thanks anyway
  8. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    well its a TB error. See screenshot. Remember I installed the module on the same server in the other shop five minutes earlier without any problem
  9. Havouza

    Mail Alerts

    We have 2 shops on a vps server. Its not multishop. its 2 separated shops. The second one is a clone of the first, the only thing that differs is that we split the content by taking away differenrt categories and products in both of them to get it more easy for the customers yesterday I found out that I dont get any new order mails because the mail alert module was not installed. I installed it on shop 1, the original one, without any problem. When I try to install it on the clone I get a 500 Server error. Nothing in any logs Any clues? Anders Yuran
  10. But all mails exept the new order works, so the module must be installed or... I will ofc check
  11. Hi!Probably been asked before but I cant find a solution. I dont get a mail when a new order comes in. All other mails to the customer is sent without a problem. I have checked so the templates are in the mail folder. If I send a testmail it will arrive without a problem Any clues? Anders Yuran
  12. Cant find it there. I found in a languagefile in the theme folder but It does not change anything. Perhaps cache but I have emptied it. But have to dig deeper
  13. But its strange, that is for sure nothing I have in any way translated. The word s translated from the english Tax to Swedish but the translation is wrong
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