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  1. Finally time to upgrade. In our case from 1.0.7 to 1.1. also from a customized theme to the community theme. This meant that all thumbnails , 1570 of them has to be regenerated. I have changed to max time in php but it does not help. It regenerates about 30% then stoppes. What to do?
  2. so what row in the backoffice menu. They are placed the same
  3. I have looked in most files in controller but I really cant believe that you cant change the shop email address in a simple way. How many merchants has any knowledge about php and file system
  4. I also came from ps. Its strange if you cant change it in BO but I will have a look
  5. But when you installed the shop you had to register a shop email address? That is what I want to change.
  6. Sorry but I wrote that I want to change the email address, not the template Anders
  7. Hi All! Because the shop run and run without any problems I forget some howto. I need to change the email address notifications for orders and such is sent to. Where is this done please Regards from Cyprus Anders
  8. Hi Does the PS module Seo Optimizer work with TB without problem? Or any better suggestion
  9. Hi! Today I logged in to find a huge amount of abandoned baskets. Robot? Anything to do to stop it?
  10. Nowadays when we have one shop and a couple of other servers on a vps I have gone from Plesk to Webmin. A learning curve but more then enough for our purpose. And free
  11. But what will it show? Products that other customers bought?
  12. Well that module is for sure not what I am looking for. I am looking for a module that show products that other customers bought when they bought the one the customer is interested in
  13. Someone who can explain how this module works??
  14. Well I installed it, but where should it show up?
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