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  1. That worked perfectly. Thank you and to everyone at thirty bees, you are doing an outstanding job with this script.
  2. I really need to get this problem sorted!. There are literally tons of alternatives to thirty bees as a E-Commerce solution. But ALL of them lack stability and flexibility compared to thirty bee, and are definitely not a complete solution as they all claim. Thirty bees runs much faster on servers, image regeneration works correctly which is not the case in Prestashop. However, why it messes up on local servers is something that needs to be fixed.
  3. That change had some unforeseeable results, to put it mildly ...
  4. Well .... Running thirty bees script on a real server doesn't seem to work either. infinityfree.net. throwing out a lot of errors here too.
  5. There is no need for any 'how to' in uninstalling scripts. Have no problem installing all other shops or sites, blows through them without problems all day long. It's only the thirtybees that are the problem,here I install PrestaShop again without problems with the same SQL server and distro. the same goes for PrestaShop 8 to 8,2. The problem is not on my end, but on thirtybees !.
  6. Tried different, Now I'm running xampp. But the same result in apache Etc. I tested Prestashop 17 and 8.3 without problems on this distro. Can you tell me which folder and php file the db settings are stored.
  7. Yes I do... every time. What you see in the pictures above is what happens. Already on the first page during the installation, Can't I just fill in the SQL data for the database directly in the php page, Where is that php file located?.
  8. Where is the php file located with the sql data. If I can enter the db name and password in this file directly and see if that helps
  9. There is no "settings.inc.php" in that folder at all?. : thirtybees-v1.4.0-php7.4 Is that the problem?, missing files in the downloaded file?
  10. What do you mean with: You have entered invalid server name for your "database server address" ?. Here's what I did: Step by step before error message comes up .... I don't get any question about filling in any server address. What am I doing wrong? 1.php
  11. http://localhost/ Trying to install thirtybees locally. However, I do not get further in the installation than step 2. What do I do to move forward?.
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