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  1. @mdekker Thanks for putting in that quick fix, as you said it addresses the problem quickly and should avoid it happening for most people. Sure you guys have a ton of more pressing things to get out the door, thank you again, and thank you guys for being so responsive.
  2. @mdekker yes, it does remove the file and clean out the directory every time you start the migration process. Then checksums the new downloaded file and the add-on, and if that passes, then extracts and proceeds :)
  3. See the thing is, that timeout is also hard set in the tb updater module in the same Tools class, which I've now installed:)
  4. Hey hey, thanks for putting in that fix. Just wondering if it wouldn't be better to throw an exception on a timeout which the migrator shows as an error, so that someone can see that that's the cause of the failure, or setting that timeout to never timeout so it's never an issue. It was more just a case of having to dig down to find out why it wasn't downloading that had me confused. I thought initially it was a php/nginx config issue, and it took a while before I figured out that was where things were going wrong. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Hope you're having a good day:)
  5. Hey hey guys. First up, thank you for putting thirty bees together. It's great to have the option to move from 1.6 and not have the wall ahead that seems to be 1.7. Just two things I want to raise with you with regard to your migration module from 1.6. The first is that I can't use directory as a chanel. The second is that in modules/psonesixmigrator/classes/Tools.php on line or around 2234, you have a GuzzleHttp Client instance that you instantiate with a hard timeout value of 60 seconds. This means that if the migration module doesn't download the file in less than that time, the request times out, and the module says that it downloaded the core files, but the checksums don't match, which they don't as we end up with an incomplete download. I bring this to your attention, because I am currently migrating a version of a live store to thirty bees on top of a docker instance from a location where the connectivity is not as good as say on a hosted server. I can't use the directory option, i.e. download the files and point to them, and the download times out over my connection. I've got around this by changing the value of that timeout in the file, but if I hadn't done that, I would be kind of stuck at the upgrade point. Once again, thank you for this initiative, hope this finds you well.
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