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  1. TB 1.0.7 current version jquery 1.11.0 is very old How to update to latest without any conflicts I did follow the below guide but it gives me hell lot of conflicts http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Using+jQuery+and+jQueryUI
  2. How do i assign seller on product csv import ? I am using agile multiple seller modue for multiple seller functionality
  3. PFA Installed paypal module from addon market version 5.3.3 And configured the client id and token secret When i click on paypal button I get the attached error.
  4. i am facing a mysql issue which says status code 1040 too many connections Do we really need to disconnect the database connections manually. Or is it handled by prestashop ?
  5. Saha

    Points Redemption

    I want to implement points Redemption on cart checkout any help As the user increases the points the order price should reduce
  6. How do i defer javascript added using addjs function
  7. When I logout and click back button on the browser , it shows me the logged in screen . Although when I click on any link within the logged in state it than redirects me to login. Ideally It should show me login screen right away when I click back button on browser .
  8. Can anyone please help me to create a module Which uses the core crud operations.
  9. For example I have received an update for cart block module from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 I am not sure whether I have made changes in version 2.0.1 One way that I know is to download version 2.0.1 cart block module and than compare with my 2.0.1 version but I am not able to find the download for cart block 2.0.1 Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Saha


    @lesley for example if an indian seller is dropshipping some item from china, when he receives an order for the same item. He directly tells the dropshipping service to courier it to customer's address .
  11. Saha


    I have implemented two carrier api (shipping). Whenever seller uses my website's shipment. I have cron job which runs and updates the shipping status (since seller creates the shipment from either of the 2 carrier). In case of drop shipping the seller has his own logistics (not using my website's shipment). What to do in this case since I don't have any shipment data from seller.
  12. @mdekker So how to approach . How to authenticate a user ?
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