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  1. gluhicom


    Hello, are templates for Prestashop 1.6 needs some customizations to work in Thirtybees? I trying with several themes, but no one is displayed correctly in Thirtybees?!
  2. gluhicom

    Contact form

    Contact us form not working, it reports something like "there was a n error sending e-mail", like in prestashop 1.6. Is there some solution, it not working in the default template too. Please, help, Thank you, matija
  3. gluhicom

    Version 1.0.6 -HTTP ERROR 500

    Hello, after upgrade to version 1.0.6 just receive blank screen and http error 500. Trying to instal on different servers clear installation, but everywhere is the same - installation goes without problems, when try open page or backoffice just receive blank screen and http error 500 message. ?? Best regards, Matija