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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I'm seeing this from my own perspective, I don't think much when I'm visiting a well-polished webshop but I always think twice before making an order if the webshop seems generic or unpolished. And this the general idea much of the customers have in Sweden. However, I totally get what you guys are saying, actually this is one of my biggest flaws, that I think too big and too soon which limits my opportunities. Now I will not be as picky as @Troy-Roberts customer but I still would like to have the shop somehow polished before going live. TBH, since time is my biggest scarcity I would rather pay for the service of installing, integrate and debug the shop than doing it my self. That way I can rather polished shop while I'm investing all my time on the marketing side of the shop. But seems like my budget of 1 000-2 000 euro is somehow thin for this. Please keep sharing your thoughts and advice since I'm determined to make this happening. I have decided to go with cloudways as provider and have already installed TB on it.
  2. @baarssen seems like I'm going to take you up on that offer anyway. Haven't received any offer yet and I doubt I will get any this year. So I was thinking that I will try to do everything by myself and ask you for help/advice when i'm stuck. Now installing TB is the easy part, I'm however unsure what to do after that. Should I start on installing theme, modules? or maybe setting up categories and products? In what order would you recommend that I do it? Now I have tried to find a tutorial on setting up Prestashop 1.6 but I haven't one that covers the parts after installation. Maybe you or someone else can recommend one. Also, I have to insist on reimbursing you for the trouble :)
  3. @Baarssen Wow that's indeed a very generous offer! I would be stupid to turn that offer down, however, as I said before I have a limited amount of time at the moment. I would rather allocate the time in finetuning the design and SEO ( not to mention to all the product description I need to do). However, I would more love to get get some feedback and advises along the journey. Still I think it's way too generous of you to offer your time and expertise for free, so I will insist on compensating for your time. Ps. If I fail to find the appropriated dev, then I will take you up on your offer.
  4. Hi everyone! I have been looking for different e-commerce platform to create a shop on, I was leaning towards Prestashop but found thirty bees and was impressed with the community. Now I have been testing on setting up a demo shop, and I have much to learn to be able to set up a live shop. Now I don't mind learning new stuff, but sadly there is only 24h in a day and so I don't have time for trial. So I'm looking for someone (preferably a full stack dev) to: Install and customize a compatible premium theme Optimize the performance & SEO Make sure that PrestaShop 1.6 payments modules are fully working on TB (will be using Swedish payments such as Klarna & swish). Install some modules such as add to cart animation, EU compliance module, GA etc ( I can do this, but would love some help if needed) I will do add all the products my self so you are off the hook for that one. Now I'm completely new to e-commerce, so I haven't thought out everything yet. I haven't even decided which host I'm going with (but right now I'm leaning towards cloudways or A2 hosting shared hosting). So advice on how to make a successful shop will weight in the selection. Now since this a side project the budget will be somehow tight, to begin with. Feel free to contact me if this sounds interesting. Sincerely Rifad
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