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  1. Ok, We will drop down this configuration. Thanks for your help
  2. "it will be slow because oft the ssl negotiation" Unfortly it's true, and we can't find a way around this.
  3. "Or are you talking about mysql/mariadb client program?" Yes.
  4. Thank you very much for your answers. We don't want private networks like the digital ocean or similar, because we want to put our data on separate data centers. We already tried Stunnel. On Stunnel we only need to give the TB the IP, and make all configurations (IP, port and SSL) on Stunnel, it works but is too slow. Now we are looking for a better solution. We also made an SSL tunnel between server #1 and server #2 with MariaDB_client Server #1 with: -Httpd -MariaDB_client:3306 with SSL Server #2 with: -MariaDB_server:3306 with SSL Right now, the TB on server #1, goes directly to MariaDB_Server on server #2. And mannualy we can go from MariaDB_client on server #1 to MariaDB_server on server #2 ussing the following command: mysql -u tb -h XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX --port=3306 -p databasetest The goal is telling to TB to go to MariaDB_client on server #1 and then to go to MariaDB_server on server #2. Our question is, how to tell TB to use the MariaDB_client? Any help will be appreciated.
  5. I have the httpd and mariadb-server on the same server. I want to split, httpd on one server and mariadb-server on another server, and the connection must be encrypted. How to tell the Thirtybees to use the mariadb-client SSL to connect to the other mariadb-server server? Any help will be appreciated.
  6. The problem is my internet provider. I try other providers and with the other providers, everything was smooth. I don't have any idea why my internet provider has this issue. Thank you again for your help.
  7. Hi Datakick, Thank you very much for your help. I installed 2 servers with minimum configuration. Server_1: httpd server with stunnel Server_2: mariadb with stunnel And I have the same error. I will send you a PM with the logins and IP's and you can install the TB and check if you also have the error. If you have a little time to take a look I appreciate it. Cheers
  8. Thank you very much for your answer. You are right, "Or maybe some server redirection.... who knows. ". I'm putting the apache on a Rocky server and the MariaDB on another Rocky server and between them, I put the stunnel with openssl. On TB_1.0.5 everything is fine. But on TB_1.3.0, TB_1.2.0 and TB_1.1.0 I can't install the TB. I can go around this installing the TB on a single server with httpd and mariadb and then pass the TB to these 2 separate servers. I have 2 questions: 1- Why the stunnel work on TB_1.0.5 and don't work on the recent versions? What changed on TB? 2- I can have problems in the TB_1.3.0 if I use the stunnel? My goal is to have 2 separate servers, one for httpd and another for Mariadb. Cheers
  9. Hi, I found this error on TB_1.3.0, TB_1.2.0 and TB_1.1.0 On TB_1.0.5 everything is fine. Any ideas on how to solve this error?
  10. Everything new, fresh installation and I have this error
  11. Hi, I installed a new fresh TB 1.3.0 in a new Rocky server and I have this error: "A theme with the same name as the theme in /var/www/html/themes/niara is already installed." Please see the attached image. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hi datakick, I starting understand, and I agree with the seo perspective. But for accessibility I’m not so sure, because I like a clean front page on categories and products. I don’t know if this is possible, TB can have an option to not show the tags to the end user, but they can be read by the seo?
  13. Thank you for your answers. Hi MichaelEZ, we are not software developers and don’t know how to do that and don’t want touch in the core due to the TB updates. Hi cienislaw, this could be an improvement for TB.
  14. Hi colorful-ant, thank you for your answer. I want a clean frontpage. I thought the TB can have an option to enable/disable the title texts on links categories and links products.
  15. My installation is a default TB installation with niara theme. I didn’t do any change.
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