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  1. Great, thank you. I will try it out! /Daniel
  2. I thought it was Thirth Bees own module, does some one know who to ask?
  3. I installed the new template manager module, and I can see that I can chose a template on for ex. on product page. What I can not figure out is how and where I can configure the templates. The module have no config and I cant find any info anywhere. Can someone send me in the right direction or give me a hint? /Daniel
  4. Hi, I seem to figure it out! The name on the carrier was to long(about 38 letters), I shored this down and everything work perfectly! Thank you for this wonderful shop and forum! /Daniel
  5. I have upgraded to 1.1 stable from 1.08, but at the last step in checkout I get following error: Property Order->total_shipping is not valid in file classes/ObjectModel.php at line 1036 Source file: classes/ObjectModel.php 1017: * @throws PrestaShopException 1018: * 1019: * @since 1.0.0 1020: * @version 1.0.0 Initial version 1021: */ 1022: public function validateFields($die = true, $errorReturn = false) 1023: { 1024: foreach ($this->def['fields'] as $field => $data) { 1025: if (!empty($data['lang'])) { 1026: continue; 1027: } 1028: 1029: if (is_array($this->update_fields) && empty($this->update_fields[$field]) && isset($this->def['fields'][$field]['shop']) && $this->def['fields'][$field]['shop']) { 1030: continue; 1031: } 1032: 1033: $message = $this->validateField($field, $this->$field); 1034: if ($message !== true) { 1035: if ($die) { 1036: throw new PrestaShopException($message); 1037: } 1038: 1039: return $errorReturn ? $message : false; 1040: } 1041: } 1042: 1043: return true; 1044: } 1045: 1046: /** Stack trace 1. classes/ObjectModel.php:324 source ObjectModelCore->validateFields() 2. classes/order/Order.php:285 source ObjectModelCore->getFields() 3. classes/ObjectModel.php:586 source OrderCore->getFields() 4. classes/order/Order.php:303 source ObjectModelCore->add(arguments) 5. classes/module/PaymentModule.php:564 source OrderCore->add() 6. modules/custompayments/controllers/front/validation.php:116 source PaymentModuleCore->validateOrder(arguments) 7. classes/controller/Controller.php:197 source CustompaymentsvalidationModuleFrontController->postProcess() 8. classes/controller/FrontController.php:253 source ControllerCore->run() 9. classes/Dispatcher.php:837 source FrontControllerCore->run() 10. ./index.php:33 source DispatcherCore->dispatch() Anyone have a clue what it can be an what I can do about it? /Daniel
  6. Thank you! Working great! Now I just need to get the search engine to be able to search for this value too! Thank You! /Daniel
  7. Hi, I want to show the supplier reference on my product page. I cant find anywhere in back office to turn this on. I also tested some code for earlier versions, but with no luck. Does anyone have the code to add to product.tpl to add this function? Im using tb 1.0.8 BR Daniel
  8. Hi, I'm fairly new to TB. What module would you recommend for product import/export when it comes to handle product combinations? I'm afraid we are going to have a lot of thees in our TB-store, and I want a fairly simply way to keep all systems(ERP, shop, purchase etc) updated. The only system/module I have been able to try is storemanager and it didn't seem easier to use an the Tb built in cvs import feature. I would also have tried datakick but when I come around to try it the free trial have ended, so I didn't get to try that one. So, How do you use to keep products and prices updated? BR Daniel
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