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  1. HiI download thirtybees Elasticsearch module from https://github.com/thirtybees/elasticsearch/releases.this module only working on Thirtybees.this module working on Thirtybees for Elasticsearch version 5 but index products very slow.if use Elasticsearch version 6 will not index products.I want to this module working on Elasticsearch version 6 and increase index products speed.also, need this module working on PrestashopShop ServerCPU:4 vCoreRAM:8192 MBStorage:100 GB SSDElastic Server CPU:2 vCoreRAM:4096 MBStorage:60 GB SSDElastic Server use a local network. Any help would be greatly appreciated. best regards
  2. Hi when I use elasticssearch 6 will not index products. w when use elasticsearch 5 will index products but speed very slow. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards,
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