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  1. Oh. I thought it was a simple install, and boom, you're done. So I have to do this basically when I have a lot of free time. Well, I'll still give it a look and do appreciate all the help.
  2. Yes, it's a module that works brilliantly right now. Awesome. Well, I am going to look at those themes within 1 hour. I have three large orders that just came in. I have to do something, my home page looks like crap and would like to start immediately. So excited. I don't know if you'll be around in an hour or so, and really, really afraid to install it on my own. I sent you a PM as to not clog up this post 😉 Oh wait, I see a reply. Continuing there 🙂
  3. Brilliant! I will definitely check those, and consider a change. Absolutely. I probably will be able to tweak it, but I have one major concerns... I have a live customer chat that I use daily - will it affect this?
  4. I'm not really new to ThirtyBees, been using it quite some time and got quite familiar with it and just chose the defaults. I got my store looking great, but really like change. Therefore, I don't even know how to look at new themes. How do I look at Warehouse theme? And if I do purchase that one, how much will you charge to get everything ready for me? I'm anxious, and actually excited.
  5. I am too afraid to change anything myself and would like assistance, and gladly pay as well of course
  6. If YOU are able to help me with Warehouse, I will go with that because you are very responsive. How can we chat back and forth as of right now?
  7. OK! It's back online. Instead of checking what slider to use, I will definitely consider (and probably do it) switching themes. How can we chat easier? I'm willing to do this right now
  8. I would absolutely love to have you do that! We can work together on it, and would gladly pay you to do it. I have all day. Thank you, stand by!
  9. I just checked my site from my cellular (instead of wi-fii) and it loads, so I assume my IP address is blocked. Contacting server people now so they can unblock it. Then I can check the slider question and log in. Thank you for your continued help. I hope you're around in about 15 minutes.
  10. I haven't installed any yet. I do have a commercial that links to a youtube video that I was thinking of putting there, but other than that, i'm not sure what else to put there. 😞 I wish I could have my main Kcup page as that home page. I think by doing a redirect incorrectly I crashed my server and now the page won't even load.
  11. OK, maybe I will have a slider in the middle of the page, and then they can click on KCups to start their ordering process. Thanks, guys!
  12. Anything else you guys can do to help me learn/do what I need it to do please?
  13. Thanks guys, and so sorry. 😞 Yes, I want people to see kcups on my main page when they first visit my site. I want them to see this page: https://bryankollar.com/coffeeguy/kcups And yes, I do absolutely need to understand the basics
  14. But I do... In CPANEL I setup a redirect from: https://bryankollar.com/coffeeguy to https://bryankollar.com/coffeeguy/kcups Still just shows https://bryankollar.com/coffeeguy
  15. OK, I disabled featured and have nothing in my main window. So how do I get my main store to display? Thanks again and again!
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