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  1. THIS WORKED! PERFECT. All I got to do is add weights to all my products. THANK YOU
  2. I still can't get it! Each of my bags are .22 kg. So if someone buys 2 bags, its .44kg of course. So this rule should work, right? It's set for .23kg, which would give the user a $1.50 discount on shipping. And if they buy a 3rd bag, thats where the .46kg rule comes in, it would be a $2 discount. So why am I getting this error?
  3. Looks like the quantity per item won't work for my situation because if they order one bag of this, and one of another, they don't get the discount. What would work great is if there was a category discount where if they ordered 2 items from same category, it would give them a discount. Is there an option for that?
  4. Is this under shipping carriers?
  5. But with this option, wouldn't they have to enter in a code directly or can it be automatic? I like this option!
  6. Been trying to figure this out..... If I sell a certain amount on my website, I want discounted shipping. For example, I sell coffee bags. 8 ounce each. I have the first bag as $4 shipping but if they buy 2, it's $8. I want a $2 discount on shipping with 2 bags. How the heck do I do this? I checked under shipping & carriers, and there's really no way of doing it!| Thanks
  7. I am trying to change this. Is this called a header? I don't know. I searched here, and can't seem to find out what this is called. I searched the back office for header and it's not there. Basically I want this completely gone. How do I shut it off? .
  8. NEVERMIND! I found a way!!! All I did was go under home page editor, added a hook, added the products, and boom - there it is! THANKS
  9. Thank you ever so much for replying. I do appreciate it. I can try what you have mentioned. I have about 300 products. Wont they be able to view like 100 at a time and then click next to get to more? I would think most customers enter the main page, because they are mostly repeat customers or I give them the URL directly. Is homefeatured the same as block featured products and how do i get that to display on my main page? When I set the block featured it comes up with a box that says POPULAR and they have to click that to see it, and it only allows me to enter one category
  10. Hi guys. Yup I did my research already and cant find it. Sorry... On my website I have 3 different categories. You gotta click that category to see the products in it. Well, I want it to display every single product I have in my store on the main page and user can advance to the next page normally. Is there a way display all my products as soon as they visit the site, even if I have to painstakingly do it one by one?? The option of categories would still be available if they need to, I can take care of that part.
  11. THANK YOU BOTH!!! I'll be sure to do that! Impressive!
  12. Not exactly sure what that means. What update are you talking about? Don't know how to create an override or even what that is, too. Hm... I just altered that file, isn't that good enough?
  13. See how this looks? I need the reference column wider. How do I do that?
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